The Saint-Jacques patisserie, in Millau, soon on television screens

The Saint-Jacques patisserie, in Millau, soon on television screens

Marina Mercier et Sami El-Jaza ont relevé 4 défis imposés par le jury. Midi Libre – Laura Vaillant

La pâtisserie Saint-Jacques sera mise à l'honneur dans l'émission "Le meilleur boulanger de France" le 18 mars.

Is the best bakery in France in Millau ? At least, that's what Marina Mercier and Sami El Jaza, trained pastry chef for one and baker-pastry chef for the other. Both work at the Saint-Jacques patisserie, located at Place du Mandarous, taken over by brothers and sisters Mirvette and Sami El-Jaza in June 2021.

In November, the teams from the show "The best bakery in France" made contact with the Millavois establishment. "The broadcast requests contacts at the mills. That's how we were approached", introduces Sami El-Jaza, baker-pastry chef. So the castings kept coming, and so did the phone calls. "They wanted to make sure that we kneaded our bread well every day and that we offered a fairly wide range of products."

"Highlighting the Millau region"

It was then that, at the end of 2023, the film crews of the show broadcast on M6 discovered "Saint-Jacquois" specialties made by the two artisans, complementary in their practices. The members of the jury were, through four challenges, able to get an idea of ​​Millavois know-how. While waiting to discover the show on Monday March 18, from 6:30 p.m., Sami El-Jaza promises: "We wanted, with Marina, to highlight the Millavoise region.

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