The skipper dreams of the Vendée Globe, the weather is panicking, an extraordinary aggravated rape trial: the main news in the region

The skipper dreams of the Vendée Globe, the weather is panicking, an extraordinary aggravated rape trial: the main news in the region

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Aggravated rape: the extraordinary trial will be held in court

#VAUCLUSE. Almost fifty suspects were arrested and a large number were indicted and imprisoned in this unprecedented case of aggravated rape. The facts denounced took place in a house in Mazan (Vaucluse). A sixty-year-old woman was drugged by her husband and allegedly delivered to dozens of men contacted via the Internet.

The case is due to give rise to an extraordinary trial in Avignon next September. Initially, given the scale of the debates and the number of accused, it was envisaged that the trial would be held in a suitable location outside the walls of the courthouse. But very recently, the prospect of a court trial has resurfaced. Indeed, it seems that the trial will be held behind closed doors.

This option would make it possible to hear the 50 accused, perhaps even distributed in several rooms equipped with a videoconferencing system. The fact remains that approximately 17 defendants risk appearing detained.

The Sète skipper does not give up on the Vendée Globe

#HERAULT.While he had to give up his dream of participating in the 2024 Vendée Globe after the hull of his sailboat broke, Sète skipper Nicolas Rouger set a new goal: register for the Vendée Globe 2028.

Engaged in legal proceedings against the shipyard which took care of his ship (his boat was overturned by the wind while it was in dry dock), he hopes to obtain justice will cover the repair costs, i.e. 600,000 euros. Nicolas Rouger can also count on the support of the Sète painter Hervé Di Rosa, whose special work will be sold in small pieces for the cause.

The number of the day: 2 000

#LARZAC. This Sunday, some 2,000 partygoers were still on the site of the rave party that started Saturday morning between Millau and La Cavalerie (Aveyron).

According to the authorities, the night from Saturday to Sunday had been calm with “only” two evacuations for minor discomfort. The gathering is due to end this Monday, but on Sunday, people began to leave the premises under the control of the gendarmes.

From hot to cold…

#OCCITANIE. This Saturday, April 13, the thermometer rose very high in France and in the region, exceeding 30 ;°C even before mid-April, with a national thermal indicator never seen before. Many cities have seen their records broken, notably with more than 31 °C in Carcassonne in Aude.

The heights of Occitanie were not spared. In Mende, in Lozère, the thermometer showed 28.9°C at 932 meters above sea level, compared to 26.4°C in April 2011. The cold should return at the start of the week. Temperatures are expected to vary from 10 to 13 °C across three-quarters of France. In Hérault, after Saturday's 29 °C, it will be only 16 °C this Tuesday.

LFI opens the meeting ball

#MONTPELLIER. This Sunday at the Corum in Montpellier, Manon Aubry, candidate for La France insoumise in the European elections, began a series of meetings. Several hundred LFI activists and supporters responded.

The head of the list was accompanied by Manuel Bompard (MP for Bouches-du-Rhône and national coordinator), Rima Hassa (French-Palestinian lawyer and candidate), Anthony Smith (candidate, labor inspector and trade unionist ) and the departmental LFI elected officials.

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