“The slap was deserved”: an activist slapped by a horsewoman during a hunting trip

“The slap was deserved”: an activist slapped by a horsewoman during a hunting trip

La scène s'est déroulée à la fin d'une partie de chasse à courre. MAXPPP – Michael Bunel/Le Pictorium

During a hunting trip, an activist who opposed the practice of this leisure activity was slapped by a horsewoman. 

Debates on this leisure activity can sometimes prove to be heated, as evidenced by this new altercation between the rider of a hunting crew and a anti-hunting activist at the beginning of the month, reports Le Parisien.

A filmed scene

The master of this crew in the Oise, Alain Drach defends his rider. The latter regrets her action, filmed by several witnesses.

A deer had just been slaughtered when the activist who was the victim of the slap tried to approach the remains, an approach that not all the members of the hunt appreciated. : "I was then cut off, then I received a violent slap."

"When he was killed and I wanted to get a little closer to film the scene. It was at this moment that Alain Drach encouraged the members of his group to block my way", says the activist.

"We rented the forest to hunt"

The scene degenerated, says the activist: "They started screaming and insulting me a bunch of shit."

For Alain Drach, the intervention of the activist was "hysterical". He believes that the& #39;the crew was within their rights and maintains that they did nothing wrong: "We rented the forest to hunt there. They don’have to be there."

 The activist filed a complaint for "violence which did not result in a temporary interruption of work"< /em>. 

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