“The soul and the requirement beyond the plate”: the Ébullition restaurant in Montpellier rewarded by the Gault et Millau for its welcome

“The soul and the requirement beyond the plate”: the Ébullition restaurant in Montpellier rewarded by the Gault et Millau for its welcome

Coralie Semery récompensée par le Gault et Millau pour l'accueil dans son restaurant Ebullition. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Le prix a été décerné à Coralie Semery lors de la cérémonie qui s’est déroulée à Paris ce lundi 13 mai.

"Une sacrée reconnaissance." The Ébullition restaurant in Montpellier, through Coralie Semery, was rewarded by Gault et Millau this Monday, May 13 for its service and welcome. With three toques to its credit and& ;nbsp;a score of 15/20, the address thus comes in second position in the Montpellier ranking in the famous guide.

The winner is still moved by this award. His companion Boris Caillol had already been crowned two years ago for the kitchen, but this time, it's his turn to distinguish himself in the dining room. And this award fits her like a glove, with a simple look we can see that she is overflowing with kindness, benevolence but also demand.

Impeccable service to nourish the experience of the moment

"Service is not about putting down plates and clearing", asserts this little piece of woman at first glance shy, but who doesn't chew not her words when she talks about her job.

"Each plate is thought out and it must be transcribed in the dining room", she insists. For this, the smallest detail must be thought out to accompany the dish: the welcome, the cutlery until the little flower on the table or l&rsquo ;lighting".

And to add: "The people who come, come to the restaurant, to live an experience, a moment. They come for a leader, for an identity, for a soul in order to be touched."

Passionate about what she does, the young woman leads her boat with a masterful hand and nothing escapes her. However, she was not destined for this profession. It was by chance, during an open day when she was a teenager, that she was seduced by the hotel industry. "The teachers were in support and kindness. There was a frame. It was also a course to learn a real profession, it was concrete."

She distinguished herself at a very young age through her professionalism and quickly gained experience in large houses, always working in star-studded establishments.

A prestigious course

Coralie Semery has always been involved in recognized establishments. At the age of 22, she was appointed head waiter at L’Oxalys in Val-Thorens, at Jean Sulpice in 2007 and she will be first maître d’at Anne-Sophie Pic in Valence in 2015.

She will officiate in Switzerland, in Norway, at the Domaine de Manville in Les Baux de Provence and at the Casadelmar in Porto-Vecchio in Corsica. Until his own restaurant in Montpellier.

The Ebullition restaurant located at 10 rue du Pila Saint-Gély is open from Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner. Reservations required directly on the site.

Several menus are offered in addition to the à la carte: Effervescence at 63 € for lunch, and tasting Bouillonnement at 83 € in 5 steps or Emotion at 104 € in 7 steps.

It was in one of them that she met Boris, ten years ago. A perfectly complementary duo with inflexibly common points: demand and work.

Together, they decide to take the plunge and open their own restaurant. "We had worked all over the place. We had to choose a place." Montpellier will be their base. "We wanted a land around us: the sea, the wine, the cheese… and a city on a human scale too, with a soul." The small room with its stone walls which accommodates 18 place settings is ideal at 10 rue du Pila Saint-Gély in the heart of the Écusson.

Time and careful work

And for five years, the address has been located on the street."When we opened, there were just the two of us." He in the kitchen, she officiating in the dining room. Since then, the team has gradually expanded.

"We took the time to do things right. We have sometimes even limited the number of place settings for quality." The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Friday, the rest of the time is used to design new dishes, test them , to be able to serve them once everything is perfect.

Constantly renewing oneself with unfailing demands, this constant work was thus able to reach its conclusion with this famous phone call from Gault et Millau received there ago a few weeks. "Even if we don't work to be in the guides, when we receive a call like that, it’s a lot of emotion, it’s incredible. " A well-deserved consecration given the work accomplished with care and which is always in turmoil…

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