The Spiridon nature club of Lodévois announces the color

The Spiridon nature club of Lodévois announces the color

Didier Ravaille, Cyrille Fesquet et le club ont dévoilé les nouveaux maillots et le parcours du trail.

While waiting for the 2024 edition of the Terrasses du Lodévois trail, which will take place on April 28, Didier Ravaille, president of the Spiridon Club Nature du Lodévois and his acolytes have just organized a festive time to highlight several components of the life of the club. The opportunity to point out the increase in members, the attendance on Wednesday outings, the presence of Lodevois runners on certain races also at the start of the year (Font Romeu, Sauta Roc, Cité des Pierres, etc.). To give jerseys to members too and of course to talk about the upcoming organization.

The routes will start from Soubès and Lauroux

"The 14th edition of the Terrasses du Lodévois will offer three race formats, specifies Didier Ravaille. This year they will leave from Soubès for the 47 km and 26 km in the morning, and from Lauroux for the 14 km at the beginning of the afternoon for arrivals like every year in Lodève. "The promotion of our territory, the technicality of the courses, the mobilization and energy deployed by the volunteers are guarantees of the success of this beautiful nature sport event for which registration is open es", adds the president. "This moment between all the actors made it possible to highlight and also thank the various private partnerships without forgetting the help provided by the communities.&amp ;quot;

Wednesday outings of the Spiridon nature club of Lodévois on the trail trails are open to all, with a meeting time at 6 p.m. in the municipal park.

Information and registration for the trail:

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