The Stade de la Mosson celebrates at PSG, winner of the Coupe de France against Fleury

The Stade de la Mosson celebrates at PSG, winner of the Coupe de France against Fleury

PSG captain Geyoro lifts the Coupe de France, fourth for the Capital club. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Under the eyes of the coach of the French team, Hervé Renard, PSG, favorite in the final of the French Women's Cup, beat Fleury, 1-0, in a locked-in match in the first period. Summary of the match and post-match reactions.

And four for Paris! A week after the painful elimination in the semi-final of the Champions League, the Capital club raised its head in the Coupe de France final this Saturday, May 4 by beating Fleury, 1-0. A short header like Geyoro on the Martens shooting center, barely coming into play. The Parisian captain was only able to touch the leather but above all she hampered and deceived the vigilance of Heil who saw the ball go directly into his net (73rd) at the 2nd post. Success and self-sacrifice, character for PSG which then found itself reduced to ten against eleven following the 2nd warning received by Samoura for having retained Kouassi's jersey (66th). One of the rare times when the young Parisian defender was found wanting.

The Stade de la Mosson celebrates at PSG, winner of the Coupe de France against Fleury

Winning return to Mosson for former MHSC player, Sakina Karchaoui. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Paris ten against eleven

Until then, she had stuck to Fleury's winger like her shadow, also clean in her raises. Moreover, this was the scenario of a padlocked first period where the defenses held the house; Diakité showing himself just as intractable on Chawinga. Well in place, Fleury stood together against the rises of Karchaoui who combined with Geyoro (6th, 38th) and Chawinga (13th), without really calling on Heil. Fabrice Abriel's players relying on Kouassi's percussion to open rare gaps.

More than 8000 spectators at the Mosson

Fleury seemed to free himself upon returning from the locker room; offered two corners, including one boxed by Picaud (50th) then a long shot from Dafeur and Fernandes (71st). The expulsion of Samoura, the rebalancing of the four-man Parisian defense, did not benefit Fleury who, on the contrary, gave in to Martens. Broken spring. Picaud lay down on a strike from Dafeur (79th), Geyoro (81st) and Chawinga (82nd) ​​missed the KO, a bit like a match without coup de brilliance. But with a deserved trophy for Paris and a beautiful spotlight in front of more than 8,000 spectators. La Mosson took advantage of it!

The Stade de la Mosson celebrates at PSG, winner of the Coupe de France against Fleury

Kouassi did not have the last word against Karchaoui. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Post-match reactions

Jocelyn Prêcheur, coach PSG : "I expected ’ a complicated match, as always against Fleury, not necessarily at home. this point. The cardboard is a hard blow at the time but I almost found it. that we had played better than before. à ten qu’à eleven. Ça gave usé a sacred whiplash and behind, we managed to achieve this goal. score this goal. Maybe with a little success but over the whole match, it's not undeserved.
It was the rhythm that I didn't like, we were perhaps tense, but we didn't succeed & agrave; imposing a big rhythm, the game was less fluid than usual. Ça lacked madness. Finally, we really let loose. when Samoura got kicked out.

Fabrice Abriel, coach of Fleury : "To already have experienced this scenario in the championship, it is necessary to generate superiority digital. We have the feeling of being in the right tempo and in the end, you make a little less effort and are a little less technically vigilant defensively, which gives the possibility ;eacute; &agrav; the opponent to continue à êbe à equality in the end. And above all, çgalvanized the one who is à ten. But it’s true that we would have liked to have done that. enjoy it.
In terms of regrets, I think we always learn. &Obviously you have to go to the final often to have experience and better understand the context of a week, a little more so; diatised. You have to know how to manage it. Afterwards, ça does not offer any guarantee. What interests us is to continue to do so. grow this team and this club. The faster we learn, the faster we will return. In four days, we also have an important match (against Montpellier, editor's note), it's also a final.

Technical sheet

Stade de la Mosson, in front of 8000 spectators.
Half time: 0-0
Referee: Ms. Rochebilière.
Goal for Paris: Martens (73rd).
Warnings à Paris: Samoura (62nd, 66th).
Expulsion for Paris: Samoura (66th)
PSG : Picaud – De Almeida, Gaetino, Samoura – Karchaoui, Groenen, Geyoro, Albert (Martens, 64th), Vangsgaard (Le Guilly, 70th) – Chawinga, Baltimore (Fazer, 90+1).
Coach: Jocelyn Prêcheur.
Fleury : Heil – Fernandes, Swaby, Diakite, Meffometou (Konan, 85th) – Dafeur, Jaurena, Le Garrec – Grabowska (Kamczyk, 80th), Louis, Kouassi.
Ent.: Fabrice Abriel.

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