The Terre d’Ailleurs festival in Frontignan focuses on water

The Terre d’Ailleurs festival in Frontignan focuses on water

La Camargue fera partie des thèmes abordés par le festival de Frontignan. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

À partir de ce samedi et durant trois semaines à Frontignan, le festival Terre d'Ailleurs propose plusieurs rendez-vous autour de la ressource en eau.

At the initiative of Kimiyo, a scientific mediation association, Frontignan is hosting from this Saturday, March 16 to April 6, multiple meetings around water resources as part of the sixth edition of the Terre d’Ailleurs festival. Here is the program.

An exhibition

From Saturday March 16 to Saturday April 6 at the Maison pour Tous Désiré Archimbeau: "Water seen from above" Discover aquatic territories through photographs seen from the sky, taken using kites, and learn more about the preservation of these environments and their vulnerability.


Saturday March 16, Montaigne media library. At 2 p.m.: Heading for the Survivors of Atlantis. Flee the destruction of the island of Atlantis and save your Atlanteans! To   5 p.m.: Yemoja (serious role-playing game) Play a character from 5 different countries and face the challenges of water resources.
Wednesday March 20, Montaigne media library. At 2 p.m., Escape game: the call of Professor Céphalos. In 2189, help Professor Céphalos find his research notebook before he sinks into the depths. At 4 p.m., computer tournament of the escape game The Call of Professor Céphalos.


Tuesday March 19, at 8:30 p.m., at the CinéMistral: Marcher sur l' water, Aïssa Maïga, 2021 A village in Niger is fighting to have access to water. Yet this region covers in its subsoil a lake of several thousand square kilometers. Christophe Peugeot, hydrologist at IRD, at the end of the projection.
Saturday March 23, Montaigne media library. At 10 a.m.: Mamody the last baobab digger, documentary by Cyrille. Discover the importance of the baobab, a true "tree of life" of Madagascar, as a source of food, but also and above all as a large reserve of water. 12 p.m.: Cascade of short films. A music-loving beaver, an oasis, drops of rain, flocks of clouds: this series of short films for young and old celebrates the beauty and importance of water. At 2 p.m.: What lies beneath the surface, family film by Bertrand Lenclos, 2017. Rémi Masson's freshwater journey reminds us that it is not necessary to cross the planet to become an explorer of unknown and mysterious universes. At 3 p.m.: La terre des artifices, documentary by Claude-Timon Gaignaire, 1995. In the secret landscapes of the Camargue, discover what the latest floods are du Rhône had already revealed.


Wednesday March 20, Montaigne Media Library. At 11 o'clock. Practical sites and apps: special for Water. Discover a selection of applications designed to transform our relationship with water. At 2 p.m. at home for all Archimbeau: Learn more about how aquatic systems work by manipulating water through various experiments.
Saturday March 23 Montaigne media library At 2 p.m.: Workshop "Mini greenhouse" Come create your mini-greenhouse with recycled objects. 


Saturday March 23, Montaigne media library. At 5 p.m., snack quiz. A team game, on the theme of water: questions about music, cinema, literature and knowledge.  Bring something to snack on, we’ll take care of the drinks.
Wednesday March 27, La Calmette social life space. At 2 p.m. ​​Workshop "Tasting of waters from around the world". The waters all have different tastes… Come experiment, taste and test different mineral, spring, tap, demineralized waters… 

A show

Wednesday March 27, Montaigne media library. At 4:30 p.m. Eau là là show, by the Amapola company. A sensory and rhythmic exploration of the elements: follow the adventure of a small drop of dew full of fantasy who wishes to join the ocean. 

Free entertainment. Registrations requested on, or depending on the sites concerned. nbsp;04 99 57 85 00

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