The TGV leaves without warning, forgetting 40 children at Montpellier station

The TGV leaves without warning, forgetting 40 children at Montpellier station

Le train est parti sans prévenir… Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

La tentative de suicide d'un voyageur, le samedi 10 février, en gare Saint-Roch, a fait prendre du retard aux trains tout en désorganisant le service. 

This Saturday, February 10, 40 children had an eventful start on vacation. Aged 4 to 14, they were part of the TGV Inoui "Junior & Cie", which allows them to travel without their parents.

"They were supposed to take the 5:12 p.m. train to Paris with chaperones, but the departure was postponed due to a suicide attempt on the ways", explains Laurent, a Sétois who accompanied his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

The children and their parents were therefore asked to wait in the upstairs hall, waiting for an announcement regarding departure. "But there was none! And when we went to ask the station master, the train had already left! So we found ourselves waiting for the next one with the children. Fortunately the parents were there. There were also other passengers who had missed their train."

"Personnel was mobilized to ensure security"

A solution was found by the SNCF, and everyone finally boarded at 7:51 p.m. for the capital, where arrival was scheduled for 11:18 p.m. Which complicated the lives of the children, the people who were waiting for them and those accompanying them.

On the SNCF side, we confirm the incident. "Following the personal accident, staff were mobilized to ensure safety, which did not allow for good information. We were able to accommodate the guests, but we apologize for the inconvenience caused."

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