The toilets are overflowing and spreading the smell of excrement: a Boeing 777 turns around two hours after takeoff

A United Airlines flight linking Frankfurt to San Francisco had to turn around two hours after takeoff, this Friday March 29, 2024. The reason: a toilet problem which caused an unbearable smell for passengers in the cabin

A shorter flight than expected. After taking off from Frankfurt in Germany, this Friday, March 29, 2024, a Boeing 777 of the American company United Airlines had to turn around due to an unusual incident. ;nbsp;: the toilets on board were defective and the tank overflowed leaving a foul smell throughout the cabin.

The journey to San Francisco in the United States, which was supposed to last 12 hours in total, was therefore quickly interrupted, reports Bild.

Back to the starting point

Passengers reported to the crew that the contents of one of the plane's toilets had overflowed and that its contents were spilling into the cabin of the plane, spreading a smell of smell. ;excrement. The personnel on board then called technicians on the ground to try to resolve the problem. While waiting to find a solution, the plane started circling above the North Sea.

The fault could not be repaired and the nauseating odor which propagated throughout the aircraft had become unbearable. The pilot therefore decided to give up rear, deeming it impossible to continue the flight of two additional ones in these conditions.

Passengers transferred to another flight

This information was confirmed by the airline to RTL. de : "Following a maintenance issue with one toilet, flight UA59 returned to Frankfurt". According to this local media, the passengers were picked up at a hotel before taking another flight to San Francisco scheduled for the next day.

A new anomaly on a Boeing aircraft after the numerous problems that the American manufacturer has had to face since the start of 2024.

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