The Traders’ Braderie and its wheel of luck return to Alès to close the winter sales

The Traders’ Braderie and its wheel of luck return to Alès to close the winter sales

Durant deux jours, nombre de commerçants sortent, devant leurs boutiques, leurs bonnes affaires. MIDI LIBRE – CHARLES LEDUC

This commercial event, after a warm-up this weekend, takes place on February 5 and 6. Two days of good deals… and gifts to be won!

As at the end of every sales period, Alesian merchants organize their traditional winter clearance sale. After a pre-sale which took place on Saturday February 3, it will be held this Monday February 5 and Tuesday February 6. For this edition, traders had been given an extra day to unpack their stands, unlike other years, which explains the warm-up on Saturday.

Gifts to be won by going to Le Cratère

On the other hand, the installation of the wheel of fortune remains unchanged, and retains its concept. Managed by the merchants' association UCIA, it will be installed on the square in front of the Cratère, and will allow the luckiest customers to win vouchers and multimedia prizes. "All you have to do is collect tickets from merchants who are members of the association to be able to play,” explains Antoine Brasseur, the president of the UCIA. "500 € vouchers in increments of 10 are up for grabs, as well as a Nintendo, a Samsung A23 and a television with a flat screen of approximately 40 centimeters. The winners will be distributed among different gifts, so the players know which prizes they will position themselves on, adds the latter. Until this Tuesday evening, therefore, before a draw scheduled for February 7, everyone can come and try their luck…

Beyond the game, the activities also aim to liven up the city center, and in this approach, inflatable games for children will also be installed in front of the facade of the National Stage.

End of sales sale, this Monday February 4 and Tuesday February 5. List of participating merchants can be found on the association’s Facebook or on

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