The vast Kilomètre Delta heavy goods vehicle parking lot, at the junction of the A9 and the A54, will be relaunched

The vast Kilomètre Delta heavy goods vehicle parking lot, at the junction of the A9 and the A54, will be relaunched

Heavy goods vehicles will be able to benefit from new services and more security. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

The vast Kilomètre Delta heavy goods vehicle parking lot, at the junction of the A9 and the A54, will be relaunched

Le parking existant, géré par Edéis, sera remodelé et agrandi. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Un groupe de trois entrepreneurs le rachète à la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie du Gard. L’acte officiel sera signé le 7 mai prochain.

This is part of the new policy initiated by the Gard Chamber of Commerce and Industry to reduce the volume of its material assets. To reduce assets. The heavy goods vehicle parking lot located in the Kilomètre Delta zone, historic property of the Consular Chamber, is sold to a group of three professionals. Spanning 4 hectares, it will be redeveloped, expanded and modernized.

"Located at the junction of the A9 and A54 motorways, this car park is one of the highest concentration areas of heavy goods vehicles&quot ;, insists Eric Giraudier, president of the CCI Gard. Its transfer is also a way of putting an end to "uncontrolled parking of heavy goods vehicles on the roads in the area, particularly in Saint-Césaire", as explained by Benoît Amarger, boss of Berthaud Transport and departmental president of the National Federation of Road Transporters (FNTR).

"A decent and pleasant environment"

The latter is one, with Stéphane Djiane, boss of Sofrapark, and Arnaud Aggoun, director of 2A Santé, of the three investors who are preparing to give new life to the parking lot. "In addition to the parking offer for trucks in transit, we are going to create a real living area, a decent and pleasant environment with many services for drivers&quot ;, comments Stéphane Djiane, who remains discreet on the amount of the acquisition and investments, but speaks of "several millions".

Behind the planned investment plan, the three Nîmes entrepreneurs are counting on a major challenge to attract future customers: security. "The challenges of securing trucks and resting drivers are important for the profession", they insist. Recalling that "France currently has 19 active car parks, while Europe plans 150 on French territory in the next ten years".

Its reception capacity increased to 160 places

"The securing of trucks is today becoming a major subject for transport companies, for insurance companies and especially for drivers who are waiting for a secure, quality service", they add again. This type of installation is quite rare on the main roads of the region, more particularly on an A9 motorway and an A 54 motorway with very dense traffic, to and from the Iberian Peninsula.

The car park was created when it was created by the CCI Gard. The latter had managed it directly, before entrusting its management to the Edeis company. "It offers a great advantage, which is that it benefits from significant exploitation potential, in particular thanks to its operating capacities. extension", explains Eric Giraudier. Today, only 2 hectares, out of the 4, are developed. The three future owners have already planned to increase its reception capacity from 130 to 160 places. Its opening is scheduled for the beginning of summer, after 3 months of work.

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