The Vinocap show in Cap d'Agde is also a good deal for traders

The Vinocap show in Cap d'Agde is also a good deal for traders

Comme ici vendredi matin, il y a du monde en terrasse durant ce pont de l’Ascension. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Durant trois jours, les quais ne désemplissent pas. Une aubaine pour les professionnels qui démarrent à peine leur saison.

We're not going to lie: the configuration of this fifteenth edition of Vinocap, which continues this Saturday, May 11 on the quays of the Center Port, was ideal. Two consecutive public holidays – May 8 and Ascension Thursday – which form a pretty bridge with a Friday rest on the schedule, splendid weather after a disrupted fortnight in the South… and a very rotten winter in the rest of France, in short, all the lights were green.

"There are still some people without Vinocap"

This is also the case among the merchants of the Center Port, whom we questioned about the contribution of Vinocap to a seaside resort which, fifty years after its creation, is renewing its tourist offer to remain competitive. Some, like this manager of three establishments on the Quai d'Honneur, do not necessarily see Vinocap as commercial added value. "You know, for Ascension, there are always people, Vinocap or not. It’s rather the winegrowers who should be asked if they are satisfied! " The vast majority of them are, like most traders elsewhere.

An undeniable effect for traders

Thus, at the restaurant La Madragde, Stéphanie Vidal speaks "of an undeniable Vinocap effect." With extended services of course, "but a nice clientele in addition to our regulars." Not far from there, in Can Pablo, Malik Maloum is also convinced of this: "There is a Vinocap effect, that’s certain. It’s true that the bridge fell this year, but that doesn't explain everything." He also mentions "a good clientele (understand, in commercial language, who has purchasing power) of owners of second homes." < /p>

Same story at L’Agathé Tyché, where Delphine, the manager, speaks "of an exceptional Ascension Thursday in terms of attendance. We see that people wanted the sun!"  What David Beoletto does not deny at L’Écailler, however convinced "that without the lounge, there wouldn’not as many people. For Pentecost Monday, this will most certainly be true, you will see." On your counters!

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