The wandering terroirs, the opportunity to discover the territory of Nîmes metropolis in a different way

The wandering terroirs, the opportunity to discover the territory of Nîmes metropolis in a different way

The first meeting of Terroirs vagabonds is scheduled for April 27. FREE NOON – A. A

The wandering terroirs, the opportunity to discover the territory of Nîmes metropolis in a different way

Le premier rendez-vous des Terroirs vagabonds est prévu ce 27 avril. MIDI LIBRE – A. A

Pour la deuxième année, l’Agglo propose de découvrir le territoire de Nîmes métropole en alliant découverte du terroir et rencontre avec les producteurs et artisans locaux à travers 20 rendez-vous programmés entre le 27 avril et le 20 novembre prochains.

Open to everyone. Totally free and away from the exhausting summer heat… hellip; The vagabond terroirs, promoted for the second year in a row by Nîmes Métropole, has everything to please. Whether you are a Gard resident or a tourist. The concept? To discover the natural and human wonders of the Nîmes metropolitan area through workshops/walks for all profiles and all ages.

A bucolic and gastronomic journey

In order "to highlight our art of living, the good and the beautiful, through a bucolic and gastronomic journey, of terroir and terroir, around our wine growers , arborists, market gardeners, breeders, artisans… All guarantors of know-how that is part of our common heritage, assures Michel-Verdier, the deputy vice-president for agriculture and agriculture. agrotourism of the Agglo.

And to remind you that Gard is among the departments with the largest number of AOPs and AOCs, appointments have completely doubled in one year and are rising to 20 proposals for this new edition. "Or some 500 kilometers of hikes circulating over 33 municipalities". In collaboration with the Gard Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives, thanks to which the selection of the craftsmen present was carried out, each meeting will be provided by a qualified and motivated facilitator.< /p>

Like the first visit which will take you to the heart of an apiary next Saturday, April 27, Cristelina, the facilitator, will allow a small group made up 15 to 20 people maximum (who must register in advance) to better understand how a hive works through an educational exhibition. Then dressed in the outfit of the perfect beekeeper, it will be possible to visit the hives in full activity before tasting the honeys presented by the Gard beekeepers' union. An outing suitable for everyone aged 7 and over, which will take place between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and will include between 4 and 5 km of walking.

Between bees, vines, romanica and artisanal soaps

According to the same formalities (direct registrations with the facilitator) there will, for example, be a question, on May 4, of setting off to discover a bridge between the vineyards. For this expedition to Sernhac, open to everyone from 12 years old, electric bikes (or not) will be made available free of charge to venture on a 35 km ride, between romance and modernity, exactly where transmits the passion for wine. You will learn how to reconcile the passion of Bacchus with respect for the cycle of the seasons thanks to the winegrowers of the Poulvarel estate. After a dazzling visit to Vallon d’Escaunes with the discovery of an ancient Roman quarry and tunnels linked to the Pont-du-Gard Aqueduct.

In another register on September 1, it is the soap factory Les workshops de la brique de Nîmes which will be at the center of interest. The opportunity to dive into the bath of hand-made cold-process soaps and solid, organic and artisanal cosmetics. "We were keen to increase the number of destinations across the city. And to offer these outings on dates outside the summer season and its heatwave, its drought and its fire risks", continues Michel Verdier. The right time to meet the players in virtuous and quality production who work to promote the Gard for its criteria of excellence.

Program to be found in full and contact details for facilitators for registrations on

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