They are adults and have received their first voter card

They are adults and have received their first voter card

Endal Latour receives his voter card from Mayor Michel Arrouy

They are adults and have received their first voter card

They are adults and have received their first voter card

Les nouveaux électeurs potentiels étaient réunis autour du maire Michel Arrouy et des adjoints.

Une cérémonie officielle s’est tenue en mairie samedi 25 mai en présence des élus.

The Frontignans born at the start of 2006 have just celebrated 18 candles. The municipality of Frontignan La Peyrade invited these new future voters to come and collect their cards during an official ceremony on Saturday May 25. Everyone was called by Mayor Michel Arrouy, surrounded by his deputies all wearing their tricolor scarves to give the moment all the solemnity that it should. In a period where going to vote is less and less an obvious gesture, it is good to give this moment all the grandeur it deserves.

A call to vote in the European elections

In the preamble, the mayor reminded the young people of importance of citizenship: "Becoming a citizen is not an easy task. When we become adults, we have rights and obligations. Being an adult and entering civic life means understanding your country and taking your place in society. You become criminally responsible before the courts. You are a beautiful young person with convictions, commitments and I have confidence in you. You enter working life with aspirations, you take charge of yourself and continue to build your own path. Your first civic act of voting will be at the ballot boxes in the European elections."

The mayor said he was proud of these young people, inviting them to get politically involved. "For some of you, tomorrow you will be in our place. Among you, some will get involved politically in the etymological sense for the management of the city, even if you are not thinking about it at the moment."

The mayor gave his voter card accompanied by the citizen's booklet to each young person, encouraging them to use it soon on June 9 and thus exercise their right to vote and to be active in the democratic life. Finally, recalling the organization of the polling stations, he asked young adults to participate in their proper functioning by participating in the counting at the end of the electoral evening.

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