This symbol can be found on almost all your packaging: what does the “e” next to the product weight stand for ?

This symbol can be found on almost all your packaging: what does the “e” next to the product weight stand for ?

This symbol is on most of your packaging, but do you know what it stands for ? M.M.

You have inevitably seen it, without perhaps paying attention to it. However, it is found on most packaging, particularly food products. This little symbol "e" is not there for nothing. Explanations.

It goes unnoticed, as we are so used to seeing it. However, if you pay attention, you will see that it is everywhere. The little "℮" with its particular typography, is not there to express an approximation, but to justify a standard.

Always indicated next to the weight of the product, this symbol is in fact a guarantee of the relationship between the weight indicated on the packaging of a product and the quantity of product that’ it actually contains. "The ℮ symbol next to the nominal quantity shows that the manufacturer has complied with EU rules", explains the site of the European Union.

A guarantee for the consumer

It can be affixed to all packaging for foodstuffs, cosmetics, household products or even drinks. It corresponds to a form of guarantee for the manufacturer, who by affixing it to the weight, does not have to check whether his product corresponds to the standards of each country, since it complies with the European standard.

"The symbol ℮ indicates that a product complies with EU rules for indicating volume or weight and the measurement methods that sellers of prepackaged products are required to use", indicates the Union website.

The product which displays this small logo also meets rules. It guarantees in particular to the consumer that the quantity of product in the packaging is at least equal or even greater than that indicated, that the quantity indicated does not take into account the packaging but only the raw product. It also regulates the possible margin of error in the number of products from a batch which would present a smaller quantity than that indicated on the packaging.

You can only find this symbol on products between minimum 5 grams or 5 milliliters and maximum 10 kilograms or 10 liters.

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