“This will wake us up”, “the armband to Giroud, a choice of the group”: reactions after the French team’s draw against Canada

“This will wake us up”, “the armband to Giroud, a choice of the group”: reactions after the French team’s draw against Canada

“The French team with or without Kylian (Mbappé), it’s different,” acknowledged Didier Deschamps on Sunday. MAXPPP – Laurent Theillet

If the Blues, like Eduardo Camavinga or Dayot Upamecano, recognized a performance below expectations, after the draw against Canada (0-0), coach Didier Deschamps wanted to come out positive, this Sunday June 9 in Bordeaux.

Didier Deschamps, coach of the France team

"Overall, these ten days went well, through what the group shows on a daily basis, its state of mind. This evening, we had greater adversity than that of Luxembourg and so much the better, it will alert us for what will await us on June 17 against Austria. The levels are disparate depending on each person's situation. Two players, Adrien Rabiot and Aurélien Tchouaméni, could not be used. Even if this hampers collective expression a little, it was important for me to spread the playing time as much as possible over these two matches. Having watched the matches of other major nations, it's not easy for anyone.

Mbappé on the bench ? Kylian received a knock in the last match. Yesterday, before the session, there was a significant hematoma on the knee which limited it. He received treatment and he was better today. Over fifteen minutes, it could be okay, but there was no risk to take. The French team with or without Kylian is different. This leads to positions that can evolve.

The armband to Olivier Giroud ? It’s a wish of the group and I validated it, because the notion of group is what there is more important. That’s very good for Olivier."

Dayot Upamecano, defender of the France team

"It was a complicated match against a team that played the ball well. We also have to look at the good things we have done. I will say that we tried with William (Saliba) to find solutions moving forward. We could have done better, we will see this on video to understand what happened or not and continue to move forward together. We will talk to each other and talk to the coach to find solutions and try to win matches. I feel good with both (Saliba and Konaté), they are among the best defenders in the world."

Eduardo Camavinga, midfielder of the France team

"It wasn’not a good collective performance, mine was a reflection of the team’ These things happen, you shouldn't feel frustrated. This is learning. I am not personally satisfied. The most important thing is to keep your head high and tell yourself that in the next matches things will get better. This is a new animation, it's normal that everything doesn't work perfectly. It was a practice match, we're going to fine-tune everything in practice."

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