Three courses, one hundred runners: where and when to see the flame in Montpellier

Three courses, one hundred runners: where and when to see the flame in Montpellier

Les différents parcours et heures de passage de la flamme dans la ville.

La flamme olympique qui arrive ce mercredi à Marseille passera par Montpellier lundi 13 mai dans l’après-midi. Un programme riche attend les spectateurs tout au long de cette journée marquée par trois tracés dans la ville.

We will then be D – 75 from the start of the Paris Games but for Montpellier it is already Olympic time. This Monday 13, the flame stops in the city which is planning an afternoon of celebration and entertainment to welcome this event. "For our territory it will be a fantastic opportunity for influence with the promotion of its heritage such as the Château de la Piscine, or the work of Ricardo Bofil with the Antigone district and its numerous references to ancient Greece" warns Michaël Delafosse. 

Concretely three routes have been determined. The first will connect Place du Soleil de Juvignac to Sanofi, rue du Pilori. The second, a little late, will set off from the Arc-de-Triomphe to the Place de la Comédie. These two convoys are called "agile" by the organizers, namely that it is a lightweight system comprising a relay of 2 to 5 carriers over a short distance » escorted by vehicles of the organization and security forces responsible for guaranteeing "the security bubble of the flame".&nbsp ;

Animations in Antigone

The third route between the Château de la Piscine, avenue de Lodève to the Place de l’Europe in Antigone is the one which will offer the longest walk (9.3 km) and undoubtedly the most visible. In addition to the security forces and the organization, the procession will also be made up of partner vehicles. In total, around a hundred runners were selected, including Montpellier athlete Kevin Mayer.
These porters will converge in the early evening towards the Place de l’Europe where sporting and musical events are scheduled from 3:30 p.m. to 7:20 p.m. Until the lighting of the "cauldron" which will end the day.

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