“Throw your ticket in the trash”: he thinks he won $340 million in the lottery when it was an entry error

“Throw your ticket in the trash”: he thinks he won $340 million in the lottery when it was an entry error

L'affaire est toujours en cours. MAXPPP – Richard Villalon

Pendant plusieurs jours, un Américain a cru avoir gagné 340 millions de dollars au loto, avant de comprendre qu'il s'agissait d'une erreur

An American thought he had won $340 million in the lottery. Unfortunately, the game website accidentally displayed the wrong numbers. Last November, the unfortunate winner took the lottery to court. He is now trying to win his case.

A resident of Washington DC, this American bought a lotto ticket in January 2023 and then played the birthday dates of his family members, he testifies -il au New York Post. 48 hours later, he goes to the game website and sees the numbers he had selected. "I was a little excited, but I didn't scream. I just politely called a friend and took a photo, as he advised me", he tells NBC Washington.

"Throw your ticket in the trash"

For two days, its winning numbers are displayed on the site in question. On January 10, he went to the lottery and gaming office to obtain his winnings, but it was ultimately refused. It was at this moment that he discovered that the numbers he played did not correspond to the correct numbers

"The numbers are not correct. Throw your ticket in the trash", an employee of the lottery office throws at him. But the unlucky player chooses instead to keep it in a safe and decides last November to sue the Powerball Lottery, the Multi-State Lottery Association and gaming entrepreneur Taoti Enterprises. The case is still ongoing.

Similar cases have achieved their gains

The lottery admits having posted its numbers on its site as the winning numbers, even though they were not the numbers drawn at random. < em>"They said one of their contractors made a mistake. But I haven't yet seen any evidence to support this. ", declares the American.

"Even if a mistake was made, the question is: what do you do about it ? There is a precedent, a similar case that occurred in Iowa, where an error was admitted by a contractor and winnings were paid to disappointed players" , assures his lawyer John Cheeks.

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