To boost traffic in the city center of Mende, the trade office is launching the “Boutique-Test”

To boost traffic in the city center of Mende, the trade office is launching the “Boutique-Test”

Les anciens locaux de Polygone cherchent preneur, rue Droite. MIDI LIBRE – Michel Pieyre

At the initiative of the Cœur de Lozère trade office, two commercial premises are available at a lower cost in the town center, for new traders to set up shop.

After "My boutique on trial", here comes the time for the "Boutique-Test", the first edition of its kind. An operation carried out by the Cœur de Lozère trade office in partnership with the community, Initiative Lozère, the CCI and the CMA, in order to boost commerce in the city center. Two premises are available for potential tenants, with the advantages of a progressive rent and/or an adapted lease. Candidates have until the end of May to come forward.

A short and flexible lease

"Project leaders can come and collect an application file, specifies Marie Reynaud, city center manager. The partners will come together to select the strongest projects, so that they can benefit from the necessary support and visibility."  Proximity, innovation, "a new spotlight to test a model", says Laurent Suau, mayor of the city and president of the community of communes.

"This type of device saves the merchant from a lease 3-6-9 (cancellable at 3 years, then 6 years, then 9 years) which commits more heavily over time, complements Marie Reynaud. It’is a springboard." The idea, a one-year lease renewable and up to ;at three years, at reduced rents "in agreement with the owners, participants in the project". Two premises were identified, place René-Estoup and rue Droite (35 and 70 m2). And rather for traditional businesses, "the activity of creators, artisans".

To boost traffic in the city center of Mende, the trade office is launching the “Boutique-Test”

Place René-Estoup, another premises with reduced rent. FREE NOON – Michel Pieyre

For Elizabeth Minet-Tréneule, elected, the operation is profitable: "The old formula, a brand, had become unaffordable . We prefer to put this money to help trade. And anyway, we got the job done. We will put in place a visual." The idea is also to attract candidates from outside.  Two people have already made contact : "We would like the stores to be able to open for the summer season, but they need to projects are well matured", adds Marie Reynaud. The four previous editions had seen four stores open. A lost one.

The state of commerce

"The problem of local commerce is not new, underlines Laurent Suau. That’s why we launched the commercial office." But for the councilor, since 2016, the openings/closures balance sheet would be positive: "The Covid period largely contributed to this." "Despite everything, it’s a daily, tireless job." Niche businesses, small commercial outlets, < em>"we must continue to remain innovative, dynamic". More than 400 businesses belong to the trade office, with advantageous parking access and commercial operations all year round.

Information on and at 04 66 48 01 14 or at the agency, 11 place de la République. I subscribe to read more

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