Top 14: challenges of an exciting 21st day in the battle for maintenance

Top 14: challenges of an exciting 21st day in the battle for maintenance

Perpignan hosts Lyon this Saturday April 20 and can almost definitely ensure their continuation. THE INDEPENDENT – MICHEL CLEMENTZ

The 21st day of Top 14, contested this Saturday April 20 and Sunday April 21, will be closely scrutinized by observers. The issues surrounding maintenance are becoming more and more stressful for certain clubs.

L’Usap still playing to maintain ? Subscribed to 13th place for the last two seasons, the Catalan club has never seemed so close to being able to watch upper. Facing Lyon (11th), in search of points in the fight for maintenance, Franck Azéma's men will be able to count on the unwavering support of their “16th man”, with a sixth “closed wickets& ;rdquo; this season, at the Aimé-Giral stadium.

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An enclosure that has become a fortress again, where the Blood and Gold have not lost since the end of October, and the reception of Pau. After improved successes against Racing 92, La Rochelle and more recently Castres, the teammates of captain Jeronimo De La Fuente, returning from injury for the occasion, will want to continue their good dynamic, to take off at the bottom of the ranking and allow yourself to dream higher.

Complicated mission for Bayonne and Clermont

In the rest of the matches which count for maintenance, Bayonne (10th) goes to the Parisian leader, Stade Français, to try to achieve a first success away from its bases or at least a point to move away from the red zone. Clermont (12th) will not have an easy match, with a trip to Gironde, to an injured UBB after the elimination in the quarter-final of the Champions Cup. Christophe Urios' men absolutely need points.

Calendar and ranking of the Top 14

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