Top 14, MHR: in 100 days, a lot of things have changed in Montpellier

Top 14, MHR: in 100 days, a lot of things have changed in Montpellier

Lenni Nouchi et les Montpelliérains sont redevenus conquérants. MIDI LIBRE – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Trois mois et demi après le grand chamboulement du staff, le MHR est redevenu compétitif et reste sur sept victoires sur ses neuf derniers matches. La victoire contre l'UBB (10-3) ce samedi 9 mars était la quatrième consécutive.

The MHR looks behind… and ahead

We would like to be a little mouse next Monday during the meeting at the start of the week. The Montpellier executives will report to their coaches the direction they want to take at the end of the season. What goals are they aiming for in Top 14 and Challenge ? A month ago, maintaining performance was an obsession. Four matches and four victories later, even if the whole back pack is moving forward too, everything can be sexier. 

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"We have more options. We have cards in hand that we didn't have a month ago. Now it's up to the players to decide what they want. The meeting is going to be interesting", admits manager Patrice Collazo. 

"Let's go back a little. We'll think about what's next in a week (after the holidays). There may be possibilities", breathes one of the executives of this team, Anthony Bouthier. Prudence is the mother of safety. (And ambition the enemy of humility ?)

The steamroller button found

After gathering dust for a year and a half, the Montpellier steamroller came out of the cellar. The one who gave opposing staff a cold sweat before preparing for matches. In the static phases, the Héraultais crushed their opponents. The reward for the specific work managed by the plethora of staff in place (Didier Bès, Antoine Battut, Christian Labit, Benson Stanley, Jérémy Valls…).  Patrice Collazo, ex-coach of La Rochelle, Toulon and Brive, prepared meetings against the MHR at the time.

Top 14, MHR: in 100 days, a lot of things have changed in Montpellier

"For many matches, we have been in the image that Montpellier has often portrayed. Its DNA is to be a block , slips the manager. The performance against Bordeaux-Bègles on Saturday evening is a demonstration of this. Four penalties recovered in the scrum, two decisive touches recovered and a rather conquering forward game were the key to success. The key to renewal in short.

Interchangeable players

MHR DNA has been found. How did he come back overnight ? The current training methodology, even more efficient than that of Richard Cockerill, has apparently allowed a lot of players to regain their level. Body management too. Today, a first line Erdocio-Paenga-Amosa-Williams can replace Forletta-Tolofua-Japaridze. And this is the case on almost all positions.

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"We have profiles. We adapt with strategy. But it's getting harder and harder to bed 23 guys. Everyone deserves to play. Many are disappointed", admits Collazo. A good problem for the staff. Note that almost the entire workforce is on deck. The medical and physical part has also been upgraded.

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