Toulouse – MHSC: “We woke up, even at ten, the entrants brought us their dynamism”, the reaction of Michel Der Zakarian after the pailladin success

Toulouse – MHSC: “We woke up, even at ten, the entrants brought us their dynamism”, the reaction of Michel Der Zakarian after the pailladin success

Le coach pailladin était satisfait à l’issue de la rencontre. MIDI LIBRE – JEAN MICHEL MART

Les Pailladins ont assuré leur maintien, ce vendredi en s’imposant sur la pelouse de Toulouse (1-2). Michel Der Zakarian, coach du MHSC est revenu sur la rencontre, en conférence de presse.

Michel Der Zakarian : "I am delighted with the victory, with our second half, very happy with Dimitry's (Bertaud) match. But I was angry with our first half. Apart from the goal, we didn't make three passes, we weren't in the match, far from each other, we conceded too many chances. Fortunately "Dimi" kept us in the match.

Best in the second half ?

We've already changed systems. We can change but if you don't want to run, to play simple, you can't win. But we woke up, even at ten, the entrants brought us their dynamism. In the first half, I was angry.

At the break, I said what I had to say to them, there were no loud cries. We said things to each other quietly. But when you play football, you have to have fun. I asked them if they had taken any in the first period. I don't think so.

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We know that we are intermittent. That’s why we only played sustain. You have to want to see higher, to work hard.

By winning we are sure to be saved but it would have taken a cataclysm to be in L2. It’s good to score two goals, it would be good to win the next two matches. We haven't had a great season at home, I hope that the public will come in droves, that we will have a party against Monaco. Three home victories is insufficient, even if for me there were four (with Clermont).

The Téji Savanier match

I haven’t seen the second box (by Téji Savanier). I said it, I was happy that he could play all the matches this season. It’s a shame.

His goal is Téji, it’s talent. I'm not capable of doing that but he is, goals, crazy passes. He’s a street player.

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But for him to play all the matches would have been good for him. May he learn to control himself better.

The presence of Savanier the day before at the Vélodrome ?

We can't control anything, we don't control everything when we're a coach. But when I put the players on the pitch, I expect them to be present, competitive. This morning, I was not aware (of his presence at the Vélodrome).

Sanction him? I don't know, it's not me who's going to sanction him. I don't think there will be a sanction.

The absence of Benjamin Lecomte ?

He has a tendon problem. Since the start of the season, he had inflammation in his tendon and played quite a few matches with it. He asked to recover well before the holidays so that he could come back fresh when he resumed.


It’s important to finish in the top ten. With TV rights, there is money coming in which can be good for the club for transfers. You have to have that desire. I'm happy for Khalil (Fayad). The returnees brought what they owed and he concluded what Jordan (Ferri) gave. He finished well."


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