Towards a “parachute” of the Ciotti current as a candidate in South Aveyron ?

Towards a “parachute” of the Ciotti current as a candidate in South Aveyron ?

Jean-Philippe Chartier donne un nouveau scénario pour le Sud-Aveyron. Centre Presse – Mathieu Roualdès

La droite peine à s’organiser pour présenter un candidat dans la troisième circonscription de l’Aveyron.

The days follow one another and are not the same for the Aveyron right. When Jean-Philippe Chartier was proud to announce a rapprochement with Lysiane Tendil (Reconquête candidate in 2022) this Wednesday, he backpedals this Thursday. She said that it was necessary to be careful with the doctor's words. "He's getting a little too far ahead of my application&quot ;, admitted the one who advocates the union of the rights.

"A parachute" for the extreme right

This Thursday, new version, from our colleagues at Center Presse. He raises the possibility of a Republican candidate from Eric Ciotti's current in the third constituency. "This will certainly be a parachute drop”, 60~/em> he announces without revealing the name. Small problem all the same. The alliance desired by the LR boss with the extreme right had the effect of a stop across the throat of the Aveyron representatives of the Gaullist party. Sébastien David in the lead.

Concerning this new media release, the departmental president is clear: "For us, Ciotti no longer exists, he no longer has plus the boat keys." From now on, if the Republicans of Aveyron have disavowed their national president, it is now the courts which must record the departure of Eric Ciotti at the head of the Republicans. Without which, the latter could, in force, impose a candidate in South Aveyron.

"Disappointing situation, but real"

For his part, Sébastien David considered not submitting a candidacy. "For three days, I have been doing my job as departmental president and I have the turn of serious, legitimate people to submit an application and today, no one wants to go, clearly says the mayor of Saint-Affrique this Thursday. < em>And for us, it’s not Paris that decides for us. This situation is sad but it is real."

So, another possible scenario if Eric Ciotti does not keep control of possible candidates under the LR label: a various right-wing candidate supported by the National Rally . How to block the extreme right in this configuration for Les Républicains Gaullistes Aveyronnais ? "For the moment I don't know, breathes Sébastien David. On is still in shock from the president's announcement. I'm waiting to see all the applications that will be declared." The series continues, the candidates have until Sunday to declare themselves to the prefecture. Jean-François Rousset was proud to film himself on the way to Rodez to carry out this administrative process.

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