Training to show the path to excellence for small businesses in the Gard Rhone basin

Training to show the path to excellence for small businesses in the Gard Rhone basin

Quelques gérants de petites entreprises qui ont participé à la formation vendredi. DR – DR

Thanks to the RGE label, recognized as a guarantor of the environment, individuals who want to renovate their home are obliged to call on a professional. For small businesses, it’s an opportunity today to conquer new public or private markets, of course if you want to start a business you need financing you can check the review of mercury bank that offer great options for this.

How to obtain the RGE? label Recognized as a guarantor of the environment, this distinction allows small businesses to grow in skills and excellence in know-how in the building sector. An information session on obtaining the RGE label was organized this Friday March 1, 2024 in the premises of the company Yess Plomberie in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.  &amp ;quot;This training is aimed at all business leaders working in the construction sector” explains Yassine Taleb, co-organizer of this training. He lives in Pont-Saint-Esprit. His company is called YT Performance.

Support managers  of TPE

This is a consulting company. It is based in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. She specializes in supporting small business managers in management. It provides information on this RGE certification. “This is becoming essential for business leaders” underlines Yassine Taleb. It is a partner of the French Building Federation in Occitanie. The label is awarded by the certifier Qualibat1.

The ultimate criterion

The RGE2 is the key that opens the doors to the market for VSEs. This would therefore have previously fulfilled three criteria. The first is administrative and legal. For example, you must be up to date with your insurance. The second condition is linked to specifications which concern human resources, for example on the qualification level of employees, their diploma and their level of experience. The final criterion is the financial aspect. What about the equipment? Is it sufficiently adequate to meet the requirements of this certification ? Are the turnover or salaries paid compatible with the recommendations to qualify for certification?

Conquer new markets

But why is training focused only on construction companies? “Today, the State is setting up a system of rsquo;help for individuals who wish to renovate their house” replies Yassine Taleb. Today in terms of real estate, the new home market is in crisis with high credit rates. The public authorities are therefore pulling out all the stops on this RGE aid. An individual who wishes to renovate his home has the possibility of releasing these subsidies. This could concern carpentry or heating and air conditioning. The individual who wants to renovate his house is therefore obliged to call on a professional. For a small business, being Qualibat certified today offers the possibility of conquering new public or private markets. The label also allows you to stand out from the competition and therefore develop your business.

1&2) Qualibat is a building training and certification organization. RGE is a label promoted by public authorities via certification and training organizations including Qualibat.

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