US presidential election: a dangerous worm entered a candidate's brain and ate part of it

US presidential election: a dangerous worm entered a candidate's brain and ate part of it

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. contracted a dangerous parasite that caused damage to his brain. MAXPPP – Michael Brochstein

This is not science fiction. Independent American presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Junior contracted a parasite around ten years ago, which ate away part of his brain, causing cognitive damage.

A case as rare as it is repulsive. A worm has eaten away part of the brain of White House candidate Robert Kennedy Jr, nephew of "JFK", causing him to suffer serious health problems, revealed Wednesday, May 8, < em>New York Times in a detailed investigation.

Robert Kennedy Junior is the son of former Democratic Attorney General and presidential candidate Robert "Bobby" Kennedy. He is also an independent candidate in the presidential election in November, facing Joe Biden and Donald Trump. According to the New York Times, the septuagenarian suffered significant after-effects linked to the presence of a parasite in his brain.

"A worm had entered his brain"

These revelations are based, among other things, on a deposition from Robert Kennedy Jr in the context of a divorce, consulted by the media. In this document dating from 2012, the candidate indicates that doctors diagnosed that a "worm had entered his brain, had eaten part of it and died.&quot ;

He then reports "obvious cognitive problems", as well as "a’ long-term and short-term memory".

Today in good health

At the request of AFP, a spokesperson for the candidate confirmed that Robert Kennedy Jr had "contracted a parasite" during a trip "in Africa, South America or Asia".

"The problem was resolved more than ten years ago and today he is in very good physical and mental health", said Stefanie Spear.

And to add: "It is laughable to doubt the state of health of Mr. Kennedy, when we see who he faces" – – a barely veiled dig aimed at Joe Biden, 81, and Donald Trump, 77. According to the New York Times, the candidate was also the victim of mercury poisoning, which can also cause neurological problems.

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