US presidential election: Donald Trump predicts a “butchery” for the country in the event of defeat against Joe Biden

US presidential election: Donald Trump predicts a “butchery” for the country in the event of defeat against Joe Biden

Donald Trump very offensive in Ohio, during a meeting on Saturday March 16. MAXPPP – MARK LYONS

During a meeting in Ohio, Saturday March 16, the Republican candidate warned of the economic consequences of a re-election of Joe Biden as head of the country.

Trump played Trump during a meeting on Saturday March 16 in Ohio. The former president estimated that the upcoming election will be a turning point in the history of the country". And predicts that it will be "a butchery" for the country's economy if he is not elected against Joe Biden.

After modestly describing his primary victory as "the fastest ever", Donald Trump emphasized that& ;#39;we had to wait more than seven months before the presidential election: "It's an eternity when you have incompetent people at the head of the country and which lead him to his downfall", he said.

Ambiguous remarks

Remarks considered "ambiguous" for certain editorialists and certain American political leaders after the assault on the capitol during his defeat in the last national elections. 

In the Donald Trump camp we recall that he spoke well from an economic point of view and alluded to what he described as Chinese projects of "build cars in Mexico and sell them to the Americans… They won't be able to sell these cars if I'm elected", a- he assured, deploring the threats weighing on the American automobile industry.

A certain taste for violence

The Biden team believes that Trump " wants another January 6… The Americans will inflict another electoral defeat on him in November because they continue to reject his extremism, his taste for violence, and his thirst for revenge, assured the campaign team of the current president.

Joe Biden lamented a freedom "under assault… The lies about the 2020 election, the plot to undermine it and joining the January 6 insurrection pose the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War, he said.

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