Vannes-ASBH: “The Béziers game impresses me with its audacity”, says Réné Bouscatel, president of the LNR

Vannes-ASBH: “The Béziers game impresses me with its audacity”, says Réné Bouscatel, president of the LNR

Au terme d'un match d'une haute intensité, Vannes a fait tomber Béziers, vendredi en demi-finale de Pro D2. MAXPPP – Nicolas Creach

L'ancien président du Stade Toulousain se félicite également de l'essor vannetais, modèle d'ouverture du rugby français. 

At a table on Saturday morning in front of a café at Vannes station, René Bouscatel, the president of the League (LNR), did not shy away from his pleasure to comment on the match the day before, which saw Vannes bring down Béziers (27-21) and expand the French rugby map.

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President, how did you experience this semi-final ?

First, there was an exceptional season in Pro D2. This championship is progressing by leaps and bounds, I am very happy about it. Yesterday's semi-final was a great moment, with a full stadium, lots of fervor.

As for the match, it's a close call. One or two decisions perhaps not suitable on the part of Béziers, in particular not to take three points in the first half when they were leading 3-0, plus some blunders. They did not score enough on their strong points and they took too many points on their weak points. Vannes had a fantastic season and deserves its victory.

Next Saturday, in Toulouse (against Grenoble), Vannes could become the first Breton club to play in the Top14. What would that represent in your eyes?

It’s huge. Even if I am neutral as president of the League, it is huge for the opening and coverage of professional rugby in France. If Vannes moved up to the Top 14, it would be a very good marker for opening rugby into new territories.

There are already many emerging clubs, Nevers, Rouen, Aix, Soyaux-Angoulème… The coverage (of the territory) is almost complete in Pro D2. The East and the North are still missing, but they will come. We cannot build rugby artificially, there must be sporting results.

Aaaah, it’s the ancient tragedy, even if it’s only rugby

What can we say about the rebirth of the ASBH, a legendary club in France…

I knew Grand Béziers (in the 70s/80s), great rival at the time of Stade Toulousain. It’s all my youth, it really makes me happy to see this team. I followed them – I saw more than 60 matches this season – it's their play that impresses me. They play standing up, with spectacular launches, speed, audacity, I like that a lot.

A word on the access match, which will pit Montpellier against the finalist of Pro D2 on June 16th?

Aaaah, it’s ancient tragedy, even if it’s only rugby. There will be a happy one and a club in sorrow, but that’s life. This dramaturgy makes our competitions very attractive, they are not franchise matches. They are stressful, because there is something at stake in every match.

Top 14 side, Toulouse has just been crowned European champion and will aim for the double. Can this team be considered the best team in history??

What is the best team of all time? I knew Lourdes, Béziers, Agen, Stade Toulousain at other times. The Stade is a club apart, it’s difficult for me to talk about it (he was president from 1992 to 2017), all the presidents and coaches have worn the jersey, we are all the heirs of ;rsquo;a tradition both in behavior and in play, with a very strong philosophy and guidelines, such as training, competition, standing play. These leitmotifs are permanent.

Does a club necessarily have to draw on its roots and its history to succeed??

All clubs are different, in their structures, date of birth, results, geography… We must respect all the particularities of building a club. So, I admire Vannes and Béziers. Otherwise, for me, from my experience in Toulouse, I believe that we must draw on the past to build the future.

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