Vats stolen from farmers, angry prison guards, a “living” grave: the main news in the region

Vats stolen from farmers, angry prison guards, a “living” grave: the main news in the region

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A "living"grave

#PÉZENAS. Xavier Seigle, internationally renowned pianist, died in January 2023. Dominique Landauer, her husband, wanted "a burial worthy of the man. I wanted a living burial. As he was a pianist, we made him a piano".

A few seasons passed before the desired work in homage to the Piscenois artist came to life in the heart of the old cemetery of Pézenas. The grave of Xavier Seigle is now installed in the old cemetery a few dozen meters from that of Bobby Lapointe.

The number of the day: 300 000

#SÈTE. According to initial estimates, 300,000 visitors participated in the 2024 edition of ;rsquo;Stopover in Sète, while waiting for the figures to be consolidated. Not spared by the weather, which led to the cancellation of the opening day and some late evenings, the event did less well than in 2022, a record year with its 438’ ;nbsp;000 visitors. But better than in 2018, when 280,000 people made the trip.

XXL square footage operation in Toulouse

#TOULOUSE. Early this Tuesday morning, April 2, the national police launched a vast operation against drug trafficking in Toulouse, indicates the Dépêche du Midi. On the occasion of this new operation "XXL net space", more than a hundred police officers including members of the Raid units, the BRI and Intervention Company 31 were engaged to arrest around ten suspects.

These individuals are suspected of participating to varying degrees in important deal points in Toulouse. "The arrests are complete. The main suspects have been arrested. Seizures of drugs, money and vehicles were made, confirms the Toulouse police department. Police custody is scheduled to last 96 hours. Indictments, with probable placements under committal warrant should take place from Friday and Saturday.

Overcrowding: prison guards demonstrate

#NÎMES. This Tuesday, April 2, at dawn, prison guards launched a social movement at the remand center to denounce their mainly "degraded working conditions by the lack of staff and prison overcrowding", explained David Dehaye of the Ufap Unsa union.

The movement aimed to disrupt the transfers of detainees to the courts to slow down their activity. Several files had to be delayed or postponed. The unionist assures that around a hundred agents ensure the functioning of the Nîmes prison which “welcomes” "around 430 inmates for an initial capacity of 210, that's almost 220 % overcrowding".

52 large vats stolen

#HERAULT. A figure "a minimum" according to Sébastien, market gardener in Tressan, exasperated after three consecutive thefts. After filing a complaint, he was exasperated and published a post on Facebook to warn thieves and notify local farmers. He didn't think he would get so much feedback. "I found myself drowning in emails from other victims."

Farmers and winegrowers from Bélarga, Le Pouget, Aspiran, Adissan, Paulhan, Nébian… "In total, I have recorded fifty-two thefts of tanks of the same type." And to send a message. "There is only one thing to do, and that is to file a complaint. If we don't file a complaint, it's nothing but wind and the police do not suspect the extent of the phenomenon." An investigation is underway.

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