Victim of its success, the ECM-A training center moves and expands

Victim of its success, the ECM-A training center moves and expands

Created in 2023, the center directed by Elisa Bordarier now welcomes around fifty students. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

As of March 3, it is at 4, rue Maurice-Bourdet in Alès that director Elisa Bordarier  sets up its apprentice training center (CFA) in the field of aesthetics and hairdressing.

"Since 2023, this has been developing well. There are around fifty students today, we assume double next year and triple later." And since Elisa Bordarier, brand designer by trade or in other words brand creator, is not the type to stop halfway, she is expanding and moving her training center to the second floor of the Atalante building in Alès.

From CAP to BTS

But time is running out since the platforms are still under construction and on March 3, on two levels, the site will welcome students in work-study training. And the director of the center, to continue the development of this free training tool in response to a need.
"I’worked in private aesthetic training establishments where there were hairdressing sections. That’s where I heard parents explain their difficulties in financing their children’s studies. I wanted to create this public school, financed by our taxes, and I obtained the authorizations in less than five months." 

Open days

Pre-registrations have been open on the site since February 15 for a start in September. Two open days will take place on Wednesday March 20 and Saturday March 23 (without appointment).
Contact : ECM-A, 4, rue Bourdet. Website: Telephone: 09 88 00 50 05.

Creating the company ECM-A, for Aesthetic Hairdressing and Management Academy, with its own funds, the center financed by skills operators (OPCO) offers three levels of training: the professional aptitude certificate (CAP), the professional certificate (BP) and finally the higher technician certificate (BTS). That's six years of study in the fields of hairdressing and aesthetics. A craft profession whose classes will be limited to a maximum of 12 people in order to ensure quality teaching representing a profound life change for work-study students.
"It’is a course that takes you from school status to employee status with five weeks of paid leave, 35 hours of work per week and taking on new responsibilities"& nbsp;emphasizes Elisa Bordarier.
The student is trained as part of a work-study program, one week of training for three weeks in companies. And general education is also provided because a head that does good hair is also a well-made head…

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