VIDEO. A fire destroys homes occupied by travelers in Montpellier, smoke visible several kilometers away

The flames, which broke out in the early evening of Monday June 10, are visible several kilometers away. Firefighters announced that they had contained the fire.

A fire broke out on Monday, June 10, late in the day, on land occupied by several members of the traveling community in Montpellier. Around 8:45 p.m., nearly 20 firefighters from Hérault were on site to try to contain the flames.

Three cabins on fire

The fire broke out on Avenue de Maurin, on a plot of land located between the railway line and the DEMETER-Veolia waste sorting centre. At 9pm, several vehicles and some vegetation were on fire.

The billows of black smoke were visible for several kilometres around. Around 9.25pm, the Sdis 34 announced that it had stopped the spread of the fire, which had affected three precarious housing cabins.

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