VIDEO. A nugget from Barcelona and great hope of Spanish handball will join the MHB next season

VIDEO. A nugget from Barcelona and great hope of Spanish handball will join the MHB next season

Djorje Cikusa était à Montpellier, ce lundi pour signer son contrat avec le président du MHB.

Âgé tout juste de 18 ans, l’arrière droit Djordje Cikusa sera prêté pour une saison au MHB l’année prochaine. Le club a officialisé, ce lundi 22 avril, sa future arrivée à Montpellier.

U19 world champion in 2023, Djordje Cikusa is one of the gems of the Barça training center. This right back, who stands at 1.91 m, forms a formidable pair with his twin brother Petar. Looking for a player to come and relieve Valentin Porte next season, the MHB has set its sights on this boy with an impressive physique who has the particularity of being ambidextrous and can therefore play in the same way from the right or left hand.

"With Erick Mathé, the future coach, we were looking for a player who could bring us something while remaining within a limited budget, explains the president of the MHB Julien Deljarry.  The opportunity presented itself to bring in Djorje who needs playing time."

A season on loan

Centerpiece of the Spanish U19 European and world champions, has just signed professionally with his training club. After discussions with his father, who manages the interests of his two sons, the two clubs took advantage of the match between Barça and Montpellier last March to finalize the last details of the affair. And therefore agreed on a one-season loan.

"I am very happy to come to Montpellier, it’s a great club, I hope to give a lot of joy to the supporters there’ ;next year, explains Djordje Cikusa. I'm a bit of a weird player because I play with both hands and I can do a lot of different things on the court, a bit magical I would say. I'm ready to take on the challenge next season."

The right-back has already played around twenty La Liga matches with Barcelona as well as one Champions League match in the Blaugrana jersey.

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