VIDEO. Boxing: 25 seconds and then KO, the Frenchman Christian Mbilli atomizes the Briton Mark Heffron

VIDEO. Boxing: 25 seconds and then KO, the Frenchman Christian Mbilli atomizes the Briton Mark Heffron

Il n'a pas tenu malheureusement, ça fait partie de la boxe”, a commenté Mbilli sur le ring après son succès. MAXPPP – Jacques Boissinot

Christian Mbilli a fait sensation la nuit dernière à Los Angeles. Il réclame désormais une chance mondiale chez les super-moyens. 

French boxer Christian Mbilli, who is calling for a world chance at super-middleweight, knocked out Briton Mark Heffron in a single round on Saturday in Shawinigan (Canada). Still undefeated (27 victories including 23 by KO) among professionals, Mbilli needed a convincing victory against a clearly inferior opponent, Mark Heffron (30 victories, 4 defeats now and 1 draw), to continue his progress. .

Mission accomplished with a KO after 25 seconds of combat, the time needed for the Franco-Canadian born in Cameroon and aged 29 to deliver a terrible left hook to the liver of his opponent, who was unable to recover. "I didn't see the fight like that, the objective was to work on the body during the first three rounds, and then to finish on the head. It didn't last unfortunately, it's part of boxing", commented Mbilli in the ring after his success.

Mbilli is the only French boxer ranked in the four federations (N.2 WBC and WBA, N.3 IBF, N.4 WBO) and must now rub shoulders with the world's elite, he who remained on a another success by KO against the Australian Rohan Murdock in January.

The Frenchman dreams of facing "Canelo"

The super middleweight category has been dominated for several years by Mexican star Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, who successfully defended his four world belts in early May against his compatriot Jaime Munguia. Mbilli sees a global chance approaching, while the other two main challengers at super middleweight, David Benavidez and David Morell, are announced for fights at the top light heavyweight category.

The Frenchman dreams of facing "Canelo", who is looking for more profitable fights. Mbilli could have a chance at the world belt if the Mexican is stripped of his titles for failure to fight his official challengers.

Several media announce that the Frenchman must face the Ukrainian Sergiy Derevyanchenko in August, an opponent higher in the world hierarchy than Heffron.

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