VIDEO. Guillaume Gille after France – Argentina: “Valentin Porte is someone who worked and gave a lot for the France team”

VIDEO. Guillaume Gille after France – Argentina: “Valentin Porte is someone who worked and gave a lot for the France team”

The Remili Blues started their week with a victory. FREE MIDI – Mickaël Esdourrubailh

The coach of the French team Guillaume Gille returned to the result of the Blues, victorious over Argentina in Montpellier (32-23) this Thursday March 14, the return of Vincent Gérard in the cages and the future international retirement of Valentin Porte.


Guillaume Gille, coach of the France team:"It'was an interesting, lively match, with lots of good intentions. In a week that is not easy to manage in the somewhat crazy international schedule. The energy shown was good, as was the commitment of the athletes. We were able to rotate our squad, we had the opportunity to see and test many different configurations. And at the same time, it remains a reunion match with, despite everything, a lot of waste, errors which punctuated this meeting. Which is logical with the little handball we have behind us.

I am delighted to have Vincent Gérard with us again, to see him celebrating parades with a blue, white and red jersey on his shoulders, that's what I remember. I know that he has gone through very complicated periods, so for him to be able to enjoy this atmosphere of the France team again and experience this week with us is a great success. is very gratifying. I know that beyond his good performance today, the work that remains for him to accomplish to return to his best level. It's a first step in the right direction, so it's very nice." 

The end of Valentin Porte's international career ? I will comment on his career once it is over. This is one of the things that has been shared internally, and on which I have no comments to make. He’s just someone who worked and gave a lot for the France team. I don't see him as someone who announces the end of his international career, but someone who is fighting to participate in the Olympic Games, that's very different. We will be able to take stock of his international career once it is over."

Vincent Gérard, goalkeeper of the French team: "I am very happy with this return. Since my decision to go to Istres, everything has been with the aim of no longer having pain and that's a real satisfaction.

When you think about playing handball and more about making saves based on your pain, it's still something very different. Tonight was another step in the desire to continue trying to see what I can bring to this team while having a lot of fun."


Diego Simonet, captain of the Argentina team: "We have achieved beautiful things. We tried to play as equals. It worked for a while but after the first few rotations it was more difficult. You know, most players play in the National. Today was like a dream for all of us." 

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