VIDEO. “I received an email, I didn’t really believe it”: Dominique Mercadier, Mr. JO of Midi Libre will carry the flame to Montpellier

Deputy head of sports at Midi Libre, Dominique Mercadier was selected to carry the Olympic flame this Monday, May 13 in Montpellier. To support it, go to 5 p.m. 32, route de Lodève. We're counting on you!

Passionate about sports and particularly athletics, Dominique Mercadier is a regular at the Olympic Games: Atlanta, Rio, Tokyo and even Athens no longer hold any secrets for him. Journalist at Midi Libre, he will be in Paris this summer but a first major meeting awaits him from this Monday, May 13: he has been selected to carry the Olympic flame on the Montpellier route . "I received an email like we receive so many times. When I opened it, I didn’t believe it, it took me several days to respond. "

If the sporting challenge remains measured: 200 meters in four minutes, the emotion will be very present. "I am happy and proud to participate in this adventure, rejoices Dominique. Midi Free too.

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