VIDEO. “The mistake was obvious”: Prandi goal was invalid, three red cards and penalties… the crazy match between Plock and Kielce

VIDEO. “The mistake was obvious”: Prandi goal was invalid, three red cards and penalties… the crazy match between Plock and Kielce

Kielce's equalizing goal should not have been validated. Youtube screenshot

Against Kielce, Wisla Plock won the first match of the Polish championship finals (22-21, 2-1 tab), Sunday May 19, after a completely crazy encounter with three red cards, an equalizer at the buzzer on a free kick direct which should have been refused and a penalty shootout.

As our colleague Kamil Gapiński says so well on the Polish site Weszlo: "There are three things that are worth waiting for all the time; year: the long summer holidays, Christmas and the final of the Polish handball championship between Plock and Kielce."

Match 1 on Saturday between the two biggest teams in Poland was no exception to the rule. Between eleven and two minutes, three red cards sent, a last-second equalizer from a direct free kick then a penalty shootout to determine the winner of this match. Which was finally won by Wisla Plock, thanks to four saves from Croatian veteran Mirko Alilović (38 years old).

A Prandi… which should not have been validated

But the Kielce of the French Nicolas Tournat, Dylan Nahi and Benoît Kounkoud can feel aggrieved. Incredible as it is, Kiryl Samoila's goal from a direct free kick should not have been validated. Blame it… Elohim Prandi and his exceptional equalizer for the Blues against Sweden during the last Euro.

Before the match between the French and the Swedes, the rule actually stipulated that it was necessary to have part of the foot in contact with the ground before the ball left the shooter's hand. Which had provoked the wrath of the Scandinavians, posing a complaint for this contentious goal on the part of the Parisian.

To avoid any controversy, the IHF has modified the rule stating that the shooter must have "part of the same foot constantly with the ground until the balloon is released. Which does not seem to be the case for Samoila on his shot.

The champion chosen in the best of three matches in Poland

One last action leaving a bitter taste in Kielce, especially since the referees went to check the video before validating the goal.

As Kielce assistant coach Krzysztof Lijewski indicated, relayed by the Polish club's website: "I can't let the last action without comment. We have seen the images of the action and we see that the shooter's leg is moving. Despite the video check, the referees found no error. But in my opinion, the error was obvious.

Kielce will surely be keen to make up for it during match 2 of these finals, played in its legendary lair of Hala Legionów. To then play a third match to determine the Polish champion.

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