Volleyball: Manon Bernard (Béziers Angels) and the Bleues have “passed into another world”

Volleyball: Manon Bernard (Béziers Angels) and the Bleues have “passed into another world”

Manon Bernard (en rose) a participé à la première semaine de la Ligue des Nations. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

The Béziers Angels libero participated with Les Bleues at the start of the Nations League.

What do you remember from this new experience with the Blues ?

Lots of positives. This is the first time that the French women’s team has participated in the Nations League, we have clearly moved into another world. And even if we saw the difference with the best nations on the international circuit, we were not unworthy and even showed some good things. We still have a little way to go before we can really compete, but we can be confident for the future.

Do these meetings against the best selections in the world allow you to progress ?

Yes, totally. It is by confronting what is best that we can continue to move forward. But we are not here by chance either. We went for this qualification and we deserve it. Now, we will have to continue to gain experience and common experience at this level. The fact of having won a match is already very positive for the future (editor's note: 3-1 victory against Bulgaria). Even without having the full team, we showed that we still had something under our belt. This bodes well for the future.

As an individual, what inspires you to wear the tricolor jersey?

It’s something exceptional and a source of great pride. It has now been six years since I joined the project and even though I am third in the hierarchy in my position, I have had the chance to participate in quite a few competitions. Now, I will continue to train well to be present in case I am needed in the coming weeks.

A word also about the Béziers Angels. Are you looking forward to discovering your future teammates ?

Of course. I quickly moved on to the selection at the end of the championship, so I followed the preparation for next season from a little distance. I'll now be able to take a breather, but it's clear that I'm looking forward to knowing a little more and getting to know the team and the coach.

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