Volleyball: Matthieu Garcia suddenly left Arago de Sète, heading to Italy!

Volleyball: Matthieu Garcia suddenly left Arago de Sète, heading to Italy!

Le Sétois rejoint un des clubs les huppés d'Europe. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Le passeur sétois s'est engagé avec Trentino en tant que joker médical.

Negotiations lasted all day Monday, March 4. The Sète staff, very close to the management of Trentino, actually spent long hours on the phone with the Italian club and Matthieu Garcia's agent. The titular passer Ricciardo Sbertoli having suffered a broken finger, a contract was offered to the Sétois as a medical joker.

Cannot refuse

"The question didn't really arise, we couldn't stop Matthieu from accepting such an offer", declares Luc Marquet. "He was very upset by this incredible turnaround. Beyond the opportunity for him, Arago can also be very proud because he is a child of the club who is leaving for one of the most exclusive clubs in ;#39;Europe. It’s a nice light for Arago and a real boost for Matthieu, in this difficult period that the club is going through. We are delighted for him and even proud."

The season will therefore end without Matthieu Garcia, already on the road to join his new club. "Some might think that' we abandon the playoffs", continues the Sète coach. "But we have Rajoharivelo, and Bergeron will take over. It was impossible to refuse such an offer, a project like this."

Trentino finished the regular phase of the Italian championship in first place and will play the quarter-finals against Modena. The club is also qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League. 

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