Volleyball: Montpellier goes to Chaumont to write a new page in the rivalry between the two clubs

Volleyball: Montpellier goes to Chaumont to write a new page in the rivalry between the two clubs

Le MHSC VB veut poursuivre sur sa lancée. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

En ouverture de la 24e journée de Ligue A, vendredi (20h), le MHSC VB s’en va défier le leader pour espérer conserver sa place dans les quatre premiers du classement.

In recent history, the match between Chaumont and Montpellier is one of the classics of French volleyball. Not only because the two teams have been at the top of the table for several seasons but also because they recently engaged in epic duels. Like the one remembered in April 2022 during the semi-final won by MHSC VB in the tie-break (20-25, 20-25, 25-22, 25-23, 18-16).

This time, they meet two days before the end of the regular season in the warm atmosphere of the Palestra room in Chaumont. A place that Montpellier smuggler Raphaël Corre knows like the back of his hand after four seasons spent in Haute-Marne: “Chaumont, it’s special for me,” he confirms. I am happy to find this fervor, its supporters and this human warmth around the club."

J. Lecat: "Montpellier, seven years of my life"

This summer, Julien Lecat, trained in Montpellier, took the opposite route and is impatiently awaiting the meeting: "Montpellier is seven years of my life. I always follow the team's results, I watch the matches when I can. For our part, we are having a great season in the championship, we still have to secure first place, which is not yet done. We intend to go as far as possible with the clear objective of winning the title."

Beyond reunions like that of the Argentinian libero Sebastian Closter who played at MHSC VB last season, the match has a particular stake for Chaumont who is thinking of finishing at the top of the regular season and for Montpellier who wishes to stay in the first four before starting the play-offs. "We had ups and downs, injuries, a change of coach, comments Corre. We are entering a moment that we have been waiting for for a long time, our team is made to play for titles with young people and experienced guys."

Facing Chaumont, at the top of the ranking, the Montpellier residents will have a lot to do but believe in their chances: "The CVB 52 is the most consistent team in the championship but I don&amp;amp;amp; rsquo;don't forget that it was quickly eliminated in the Coupe de France and the European Cup but also that it lost the Super Cup, notes the MHSC VB passer.< /p>

The Héraultais travel to Haute-Marne with the confidence of a team undefeated for seven matches in all competitions. They will also have noted that Chaumont suffered four of its five defeats in the league at home. A new page in the duel between the MHSC VB and the CVB 52 is ready to be written. 

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