Volleyball: Montpellier player Joris Seddik with the French team like in a dream

Volleyball: Montpellier player Joris Seddik with the French team like in a dream

Seddik a décidé de rester à Montpellier la saison prochaine. MAXPPP – Laurent Lairys

The MHSC player (18 years old) is experiencing his first adventures with the Blues in the Nations League. The Mendois is programmed to become a flagship player of the next generation. In the meantime, he is accumulating experience with the Olympic champions.

Selected with the French team for the Nations League, Joris Seddik is living a waking dream. At just 18 years old and not yet a central player in Montpellier, he was still called up by Italian coach Andrea Giani for the first phase of the competition played in Orléans. "The first days, I couldn’not be able to realize it, explains the Mendois from the MHSC VB. Now, I'm integrated into the group, I laugh with the guys, it's amazing, I'm so happy to be part of this French team. When I was younger, I had photos in my phone with them, I was a fan. I looked at them like they were Avengers. I went from fan to teammate."

"La Marseillaise, a crazy emotion"

Seddik even showed what he was capable of on the court in front of the French public. The future star of French volleyball made an impression: “I'm used to singing the Marseillaise but the first one with this team in a full room was an incredible emotion. The atmosphere was magnificent. I was an actor in all of this and not a spectator.”

With the confidence of the coach of the Blues, he flew to Ottawa in Canada with”Nicolas Le Goff and his new teammates for the rest of the competition: “I'm so happy to be here, the city is incredible. It's a childhood dream to be there with the French team. Sportingly, there are things to work on and improve but I feel that it will come because I am very well surrounded."

"The Games ? I make it a goal"

Having just faced Italy last night, Joris Seddik and his partners will cross swords with the Netherlands, Friday (10:30 p.m. French time), Cuba, Saturday (7 p.m.) and Argentina (8:30 p.m.).

The young Montpellier player could still have playing time in an event which serves as preparation for the Olympic Games in France this summer. "Monday morning, I had breakfast with all the teams staying in our hotel and I felt that everyone's mind was turned towards the matches to come’ quot;, laughed the immense 2.12m player who, barring any surprises, should not be at the party in Paris from July 26 to August 11: "We don't I haven't said anything yet about it but obviously, I'm making it a goal because it's a dream. Even if I bring myself back to reality, I'm still young, it's my first selection. I don't worry about this deadline every day."

In the meantime, Seddik is enjoying his first experiences with the blues before becoming a regular with the French selection in the years to come.

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