Volleyball: the final step before the final phase of the French Cup for the Béziers Angels U18s

Volleyball: the final step before the final phase of the French Cup for the Béziers Angels U18s

Les jeunes volleyeuses biterroises devront prendre le dessus sur Istres et Valenciennes. Ze Will

The Béziers Angels U18s will play part of their season this Sunday at home.

They only have one step left to take. A final obstacle before seeing the doors open to the final phase of the Coupe de France. But before dreaming of the big day in Pau (next May 11, 12 and 13), it is in front of their home crowd that the Béziers Angels M18s will have to fight and give everything, this Sunday, 21st. April (from 11 a.m.), to hope to be one of the last survivors and continue their great adventure a little longer.

Confirm and continue

An epic that began many weeks ago, on October 15, 2023, with two first victorious confrontations against Agde and Roubian. The first lines of a course, which has since seen the young volleyball players from Béziers successfully complete the different rounds of the competition without trembling. Until this final meeting in Béziers, during which Maelys Agnese and her partners will have to gain the upper hand over Valenciennes and Istres. "This is the most important meeting of the competition. Getting eliminated beforehand is no big deal. But coming out just before the final phase, I imagine that is the most difficult to digest and accept. It will be complicated, but we will have every chance, confides Romuald Bainvel, the Béziers coach, for whom the state of mind will be one of the main issues of this eighth round. We will have to be 100% from the start and show that we want to go to the end even more than the others. In these moments, it is often the team that is the most psychologically and emotionally equipped and has the best chance of passing. But I know that the girls will be there, they want to go far and continue to experience great moments."

Return to history

Like those experienced by their elders, in 2002, during the last success of the Béterroise cadets in the Coupe de France. A little more than twenty years later, history may be in the making.

Free entry, refreshment bar and sale!

If this final stage before the final phase promises to be spectacular and exciting, between three pre-teams ;ecirc;are à giving everything to hope to continue the adventure and continue their epic in the Coupe de France, everything was right. set up by the Béziers club to attract as many people as possible and make this day a great celebration of women's volleyball. Beyond free entry for all and the presence of a refreshment bar, a large clearance sale will be set up at the Palais des Sports and will allow you to find all the products in the boutique des Béziers Angels à – 50%. See you this Sunday, April 21 at 11 a.m.!

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