War in Gaza: Hamas releases new video of two Israeli hostages

War in Gaza: Hamas releases new video of two Israeli hostages

Depuis l’attaque du Hamas, de nombreuses mobilisations sont organisées dans le monde pour réclamer la libération de tous les otages. MAXPPP – Vincent Isore

Dans cette vidéo, les deux otages réclament leur libération. On ignore combien d’otages du Hamas, enlevés le 7 octobre dernier, sont encore en vie.

Hamas released a new video on Saturday appearing to show two Israeli hostages held in the Gaza Strip since the attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement on October 7 in Israel. This video resembles others previously released by Hamas, which Israel describes as psychological terrorism.

Two hostages identified

The two hostages presented Saturday are identified as Keith Siegel, 64, and Omri Miran, 47. They express themselves in front of a neutral background, express their love to their loved ones and demand their release.

Omri Miran was kidnapped from his home in the Nahal Oz kibbutz in the presence of his wife and two young daughters during the Hamas attack in southern Israel. Keith Siegel, who also has American nationality, was kidnapped with his wife in another location near the Gaza Strip. His wife was one of the hostages released during the week-long truce observed at the end of November.

During Jewish Passover

This video is broadcast as Israelis celebrate Passover, celebrating the biblical episode of the end of the exodus from Egypt. During his message, Keith Siegel broke down in tears while talking about the Passover celebrated with his family last year and expressing his hope of finding his loved ones.

250 people kidnapped on October 7

Approximately 250 Israelis, foreigners or dual nationals were kidnapped in southern Israel during the Hamas attack on October 7, which also left approximately 1  200 dead according to Israeli authorities. The exact number of hostages still held in the Gaza Strip after the releases at the end of November is unknown, with some of them possibly dead. In retaliation for this attack, Israel launched an air and ground military campaign in the Gaza Strip which left more than 34,000 dead according to the health authorities of the Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas.

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