War in Ukraine: How Poland and Lithuania could help kyiv strengthen its army ranks ?

War in Ukraine: How Poland and Lithuania could help kyiv strengthen its army ranks ?

La Pologne et la Lituanie pourraient aider l’Ukraine à mobiliser de nouveaux soldats. (illustration) MAXPPP – Kaniuka Ruslan/Avalon

The lack of men on the front lines is felt by the Ukrainian army. kyiv then seeks to recover a number of mobilizeable men of fighting age.

After equipment and ammunition, this is the shortage that Volodymyr Zelensky must face. While the United States recently granted aid worth tens of billions and Ukraine adopted a new law on mobilization, there are still not enough soldiers to fight Russia. Poland and Lithuania may have found a solution, reports the magazine Géo.

"Everything is possible"

If more and more Ukrainian civilians are taking all risks to flee the country and escape mobilization, other Ukrainian nationals are already outside the country.& nbsp;Although they are not all necessarily mobilizable, many of them could nevertheless fight, and that would represent additional soldiers on the front.

As reported by Eurostat relayed by Financial Times, 200 000 men are said to be in Poland. Polish Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz indicated that Poland does not rule out sending these Ukrainians back to their country. &amp ;quot;Everything is possible", he commented.

As for Lithuania, it says it is ready to "coordinate with the Polish neighbor" but does not& rsquo;will not have "deportation", underlines Géo relaying the minister of Lithuanian Defense Laurynas Kasčiūnas.

Ukraine has also suspended the renewal of passports from abroad. Thus, Ukrainians must return to the country in order to redo the administrative procedures, and possibly be mobilized to fight Vladimir Putin's army.

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