War in Ukraine: Putin dismisses Defense Minister Shoigu, ongoing fighting in Kharkiv… update on the situation

War in Ukraine: Putin dismisses Defense Minister Shoigu, ongoing fighting in Kharkiv... update on the situation

Un immeuble d’au moins dix étages s’est effondré. MAXPPP – GEORGE IVANCHENKO

Tous les jours, Midi Libre fait le point sur la situation en Ukraine. Ce dimanche 12 mai 2024, découvrez les dernières actualités autour de ce conflit

Ongoing fighting in the Kharkiv and Donetsk-Zelensky region

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said on Sunday that fighting was still ongoing in several villages in the Kharkiv region (north-east) as pressure from Russian forces increased. The Ukrainian president also reported fierce fighting in several neighborhoods of the Donetsk region (southeast), during a speech. Volodimir Zelensky said that "defensive battles"were taking place along the Russia-Ukraine border in Kharkiv, where Russian forces launched a new offensive on Friday. "Villages moved from one 'gray area' to a 'zone of hostilities', he said. "The occupier is trying to gain ground in certain (villages)."

Around thirty armed confrontations have taken place in the last 24 in the Pokrovsk sector, northwest of the Russian-held town of Avdiivka, added the Ukrainian president. Fighting also took place in the Krupiansk, Lyman and Kramatorsk sectors, he added. A Ukrainian military leader earlier said his country's forces were facing a difficult situation in the Kharkiv region, where fighting continued.

Russia launched a new offensive from its territory against the Kharkiv region in northern Ukraine on Friday, threatening to open a new front in this 27-month-old war. For their part, Russian forces reported that a Ukrainian missile attack on the town of Belgorod, Russia, left at least nine dead and 20 injured. A building of at least ten stories has collapsed.

Putin wants to appoint Defense Minister Shoigu secretary of the Security Council

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed replacing Defense Minister and long-term supporter Sergei Shoigu, more than two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to appoint him secretary of the Security Council of Russia, the Kremlin said on Sunday. Vladimir Putin wants to appoint Sergei Shoigu as secretary of the Russian Security Council, replacing Nikolai Patrushev, and give him responsibilities in the military-industrial structure, the Kremlin said on Sunday.

Vladimir Putin has proposed the name of Andrei Belousov, former Deputy Prime Minister, to occupy the post of Minister of Defense. Vladimir Putin has proposed reinforcing Sergei Lavrov as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Valeri Guerassimov should remain in his post as chief of staff of the Russian armed forces.

Zelensky talks about "fierce fighting" on "a large part" from the Russian border

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that "fierce fighting" occurred on parts of the border in the Kharkiv region, where thousands of people were displaced following a Russian offensive.

"Defensive battles and fierce fighting continue across much of our border", Mr. Zelensky. "The idea behind the attacks in the Kharkiv region is to stretch our forces and undermine morale" of the ;rsquo;Ukrainian army.

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