War in Ukraine: “Russia is gaining the advantage”, will kyiv be able to compete militarily against the enemy ?

War in Ukraine: “Russia is gaining the advantage”, will kyiv be able to compete militarily against the enemy ?

L'Ukraine en position de faiblaisse au niveau militaire par rapport à la Russie ? (illustration) MAXPPP – Dmytro Smolienko/Avalon

This Monday, February 12, 2024, the head of military intelligence Nils Andreas Stensønes explained that Ukraine currently finds itself in a delicate military position facing a Russia which seems to be gaining the upper hand

Is a Russian victory possible ? The Norwegian security services presented the annual risk assessment report this Monday, and the head of intelligence is pessimistic about the question of arming Kiev. He claims that Ukraine needs substantial Western military aid , reports the media Blick.

"Three times more troops than Ukraine"

"In this war, Russia is currently in a stronger position than a year ago and is gaining the advantage" , said Nils Andreas Stensønes. If he made such comments, it is because of Russia's military deployment in recent weeks and months. He assures that Vladimir Putin's country would have enough "to mobilize approximately three times more troops than Ukraine".

The head of military intelligence also has an answer for this. "Moscow is adapting better than expected to sanctions" and its industry is now capable of producing munitions, combat vehicles, drones and missiles enabling to its forces to "maintain their war efforts all year round", reports the Swiss media.

Russia can also rely on the support of certain allied countries, namely Belarus, China, North Korea and even Iran.

Western aid

To counter the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky's army will have to rely on its allies. "Substantial Western arms assistance will be required so that the Ukrainian forces can defend themselves and regain the initiative in the conflict", explained Nils Andreas Stensønes.

Ukrainian needs on the front lines have been felt for a while, particularly at the financial level mainly, but also in terms of ammunition and military weapons in general.

Aid from the United States, which has been debated for several weeks, is still being discussed in the Senate and could see validation. This would amount to several tens of thousands of dollars.

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