War in Ukraine: Russian “sixth massive attack” on energy infrastructure hit five regions last night

Russia launched a vast air attack using missiles and drones on Saturday May 31, 2024 against Ukrainian energy infrastructure, including installations in five different regions, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Ukrenergo, operator of Ukraine's power grid, said equipment was damaged in the regions of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk in the southeast, and Kirovohrad in the center and Ivano-Frankivsk in the west.

Sixth massive attack

"This morning, the Russians launched a new attack on Ukrainian energy facilities. Since March, this is already the sixth massive, complex missile and drone attack against civilian energy infrastructure, Ukrenergo said.

Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses shot down 35 of 53 Russian missiles and 46 of 47 drones, the command of the Ukrainian air forces said. Volodimir Zelensky once again called on Western countries supporting Ukraine to provide it with more means to defend itself.

“Normalize terror”

“Russia's main goal is to normalize terror, take advantage of the lack of air defense and determination of Ukraine's partners”, the Ukrainian president said in the Telegram messenger. “Partners know exactly what is needed. Additional “Patriots” and other modern air defense systems for Ukraine. Accelerate and increase deliveries of F-16s to Ukraine. “Provide our soldiers with all the necessary capabilities,” he added.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Russia had struck energy facilities used by Ukraine's military-industrial complex as well as arsenals housing Western weapons. DTEK, Ukraine's largest private electricity supplier, said its two thermal power plants were hit in the attack and equipment was severely damaged.“Severely damaged”

Regional authorities said firefighters were working to extinguish fires at several sites. Four people were injured in the Lviv region, which borders Poland, Governor Maksym Kozytskyi said.

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