War in Ukraine: stealthy, inaudible, undetectable… the Kronos submarine has passed the first tests for military use

Ukrainian engineers are working on a stealth submarine called Kronos. The machine has successfully passed the first tests and awaits potential deployment in the Black Sea.

A stealth monster soon to be hidden under the waters of the Black Sea ? From the United Arab Emirates, reports TF1 Info, Ukrainian engineers are working on a new submarine called Kronos.

With this name, kyiv intends to intimidate its Russian enemies who are deployed in the Black Sea, particularly in the very strategic Budanov triangle. According to the Kyiv Post, the machine passed initial tests successfully.

In Greek mythology, Kronos – or Kronos – was the king of the titans, note World History. In these mythical tales, he was nicknamed the "god of deceitful thoughts", and portrayed as a bloodthirsty tyrant.

Stealthy and formidable

A form of manta ray, undetectable to enemy defense systems, inaudible… The Kronos builders are full of praise for the machine. The submarine would be capable of traveling at a speed of 50 km/h for more than 1,000 kilometers thanks to an electric self-propulsion unit.

Six people could board. Equipped with radar, sonar, 360° capable of capturing images in dim light  and remote control… he would be all "field", or all sailor.

Kronos could fire six torpedoes, each with a explosive charge&nbsp ;weighing around twenty kilograms.

Presented from February 2023

From February 2023, after a year of Russian invasion, the Kronos submarine is presented at the Idex show. The event dedicated to weapons and defense technologies is organized in Abu Dhabi.

It is built by the start-up Highland Systems, based in the Emirates, where engineers of Ukrainian origin work. Although it has passed the first tests in force for military use, nothing is specified at the moment regarding a deployment, which is still possible, in the Black Sea.

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