War in Ukraine: Zelensky postpones his trips abroad, Russia takes control of 3 villages… update on the situation

War in Ukraine: Zelensky postpones his trips abroad, Russia takes control of 3 villages… update on the situation

La Russie dit avoir pris le contrôle de trois villages en Ukraine. MAXPPP – Viacheslav Madiievskyi/Avalon

Tous les jours, Midi Libre fait le point sur la situation en Ukraine. Ce mercredi 15 mai 2024, découvrez les dernières actualités autour de ce conflit.

Putin says he supports China's peace plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he supported China's peace plan for Ukraine, saying Beijing fully understood the causes of the crisis. Vladimir Putin said in an interview with China's Xinhua news agency published Wednesday that Russia was open to dialogue and talks to resolve the conflict. The plan presented by China and the "principles"unveiled last month by President Xi Jinping take into account the factors behind the conflict, said the head of the Kremlin. "In Beijing, we really understand the root causes of the crisis and its geopolitical significance", said Vladimir Putin, according to a transcription in Russian published on the Kremlin website.

According to the Russian president, the principles presented last month by his Chinese counterpart are "realistic and constructive measures" which "develop the idea of ​​the need to overcome the Cold War mentality". China presented a 12-point peace plan last year that was greeted with skepticism by the West and caution by Kyiv. Additional principles revealed by Xi Jinping call for a "return to calm", on conditions that restore peace, create stability and minimize impacts on the global economy. Vladimir Putin will travel to China on Thursday and Friday for a state visit, his first trip abroad since his inauguration for a new six-year presidential term a week ago.

Ukrainian President Zelensky postpones his visit to Spain and Portugal

Volodimir Zelensky has postponed the visit he was due to make at the end of the week to Spain and Portugal, the authorities of these two countries announced on Wednesday. The Ukrainian president has postponed all his trips abroad due to the military offensive led by Russia in the Kharkiv region, his press advisor said.

"Volodimir Zelensky has instructed that all international trips planned in the coming days be postponed and that new dates be set", Sergei Nykyforov wrote on Facebook. In Madrid, Volodimir Zelensky was to be received on Friday by the King of Spain and sign a bilateral security cooperation agreement with the President of the Government Pedro Sanchez.

Russia says it has taken control of three villages in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that its troops had taken control of three Ukrainian villages, two in the Kharkiv region and the third in the Zaporizhia region. According to the ministry, Russian forces on the offensive in the border area north of Kharkiv occupied the villages of Hlyboke and Lukyantsi after intense fighting and repelled Ukrainian counterattacks in others sectors of this part of the front. The Ukrainian army said Tuesday evening that it had withdrawn to more advantageous defensive positions in two sectors of the region from Kharkiv, without anyone knowing if they are the same ones. Reuters is unable to verify the situation on the ground.

Although limited for the moment, this offensive in the Kharkiv region is taken seriously enough in Kyiv that President Volodimir Zelensky has decided to postpone a trip to Spain and Portugal planned for the weekend . The Russian Defense Ministry also declared that its troops had taken "total control" of the village of Robotyne, reconquered by the The Ukrainian army during its counter-offensive last summer in the Zaporizhia region. This announcement was subsequently denied by the spokesperson for the Ukrainian army, quoted by the Ukrinform information site. The Ukrainian General Staff said on Wednesday that it had repelled three Russian attacks in this direction. This is not the first time that Moscow has claimed the capture of Robotyne.

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