Water polo: In Tourcoing, Montpellier plays its last card before the derby against Sète

Water polo: In Tourcoing, Montpellier plays its last card before the derby against Sète

Il reste deux matchs aux Montpelliérains cette saison. Midi Libre – Giacomo Italiano

Le MWP se déplace à Tourcoing, ce samedi (20h30). Il devra réaliser un exploit pour encore espérer dépasser Sète à la sixième place lors du derby héraultais de la dernière journée, samedi 27 avril.

Two days before the end of the championship, six points separate Montpellier (8th) and Sète (6th) which occupies the last qualifying place for the European Cup, the stated objective of the two Hérault clubs. The schedule being well planned, the fratricide derby will be on display on the last day, Saturday April 27 in the Angelotti swimming pool in Montpellier (8:30 p.m.).

So that this last meeting of the season has more at stake than just departmental supremacy in the elite of French water polo, Thomas Vilcot-Lambert and his partners are ;first condemned to create a surprise in the Tourcoing-Lille Métropole swimming pool in order to come back to within three points of the Sétois if they themselves lose at home against Aix-en-Provence.

Two encouraging defeats

As surprising as it may seem, the last two MWP matches which ended in defeats give hope to President Christophe Spilliaert and his players whom the leader has placed face to face with their responsibilities .

Facing the French champion Marseille (8-14) then, last week in the Pays d’Aix swimming pool (19-14), the Montpellier residents cracked in the last period. They held off their opponents in the first three.

These two faces offer the possibility of believing that they can make the Northerners doubt and, this time, turn the score to their advantage at the end of the match. In the first leg, in November, Tourcoing won in Montpellier but the duel was close (10-13).

It is therefore with the energy of despair that Montpellier crosses France to face a title candidate in difficulty, only fifth in the championship. Because this is their very last chance to offer themselves a final for sixth place in the ranking against their neighbor Sète next week in front of a Montpellier public who is just waiting for that .

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