Water polo: Sète ends the season at home with a victory

Water polo: Sète ends the season at home with a victory

Les Sétois mènent d'un but à la “mi-temps” de ce match de classement. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Les hommes d’Olivier Chandieu ont battu Tourcoing (15-14), ce mardi 30 avril, dans le match aller pour la cinquième place.

Whatever happens on Saturday evening during the return match in the North, the Sète polo players will have taken care of their exit in front of their audience. Beaten twice this season by the "Children of Neptune", they were able to reverse the trend this Tuesday, during a particularly close match.

Back to back

In the first half, Chandieu set the tone with two goals and Rossi stood out by making multiple saves, notably by stopping a penalty from Marzouki (4-4). The two teams remained back to back at the break (5-5) and the leadership constantly changed sides. The Sétois managed to exploit the few openings left by the opposing defense, like a trickster goal from Sauton to equalize at 8-8.

Olivier Chandieu's men then took the lead at 11-10, thanks to a shot from Halajian which just crossed the line, and were not going to let go. The third quarter ended with a penalty from Dentro: 12-11.

Da Silva appears

The last period then saw Da Silva emerge. The solid Brazilian, all angry, scored two consecutive goals to give his team the biggest lead of the match (14-11). Chandieu then added a goal (15-12) and that was enough for the Sétois, Tourcoing managing to come back but not equalize despite one last opportunity (15-14).

At "halftime" of this classification match, Sète Natation therefore leads by one goal. A lead that will have to be preserved this Saturday in Tourcoing for the return match, which will close their season.

The technical sheet

► Sète…………………………15
► Tourcoing………………..14

Raoul-Fonquerne Center
Quarter time details: 3-2, 2-3, 7-6, 3-3.

Sète: Sauton (2 goals, including 1 pen), Van Den Burg (2), Halajian (3), Dentro (3, including 1 pen), Da Silva (2), Chandieu (3).
Six temporary exclusions, two permanent. 

Tourcoing: Zivkovic (6 goals, including 2 pens), Duric (1), Milicic (2), Marzouki (2, including 1 pen), Canonne (1 pen), Brguljan (1), Kujacic (1).
Eight temporary exclusions.

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