Water polo: Sète is perfectly there in its pool

Water polo: Sète is perfectly there in its pool

Lopinot et les siens ont contrôlé la rencontre. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Les hommes d'Olivier Chandieu se sont imposés 11-7 ce samedi 13 avril face à Reims.

It was the match to win, to almost definitively lock in sixth place, synonymous with the European Cup. The Sétois did it and, not to spoil anything, without being too frightened facing a team from Reims which had the same objective.

The two teams will have played equally during the first two periods. The little extra being that Sète Natation was never behind. At 3-3, a counterattack led by Chandieu ended with Sauton, who then widened the gap from a penalty (5-3).

The local defense took the upper hand and offered Joubert a few saves in good conditions. But the current was alternating and, forgotten by the Sétois, Signoret found himself alone in front of the goal to put everyone back to back at half-time (5-5).

Master defense

Back in the pool, the Sétois relied on a penalty from Chandieu and an intelligent lob from Dentro to regain the lead (7-5). But again, the situation was reversed. The attack lacked solutions and opposite, the Rémois saw some spaces open up (7-7). Nothing too serious, Chandieu from the penalty spot then Lopinot, ideally served by Halajian, gave some fresh air (9-7).

At the start of the last quarter, the match was over. Reims no longer found the way, Joubert and his defense having definitively closed the doors. A final goal from Da Silva concluded the match (11-7), Sète has probably achieved its objectives this season.

The technical sheet

► Sète…………….11
► Reims………7

Raoul-Fonquerne Center
Half time: 5-5.
Referees: MM. Masson and Brugière.

Sète : Chandieu (3 goals, including 2 penalties), Sauton (2 goals including 1 penalty), Van Den Burg (1), Lopinot (1), Halajian (1), Dentro (1), Aït Dahmane (1), Da Silva (1).
Eight temporary exclusions.

REIMS : Culina (3 goals), Signoret (1), Missy (1), Devonish (1), Vix (1).
Twelve temporary exclusions, one permanent.

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